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Los Villanos are a five brothers who've all worked under the Villano name. Each one was identified only by a Roman Numeral: I, II, III, IV, and V.

Their father is Ray Mendoza; despite being a succesful wrestler himself, he demanded his sons learn another profession/trade before becoming allowing them to start with wrestling. Some of the sons secretly wrestled before fufilling this request, but all earned degrees in their non-wrestling fields.

As the name suggests, the Villanos were known as villians for large stretches of their career. As a family, their most famous feud was and is with the Brazos, including a memorial trios match where all three Brazos lost their masks.

Villano III's career highlights include feuds with Pegasus Kid and Atlantis, the later who took his mask. Villano IV and V are probably the most famous in the United States due to their long underdcard stretch in WCW. Villano I was a trainer for the UWA in the 90s. Villano II was a freelance artist in his spare time.

Villano I, Villano II, and Ray Mendoza have passed. Villanos III, IV, and V were last in CMLL but are now independent wrestlers.

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Family Tree

1st Gen Ray Mendoza
2nd Gen Villano III Villano V Villano II Villano IV Villano I
3rd Gen El Hijo del Villano III Villano III Jr. Rokambole Jr. (Kaving) Villano V Jr.

Other Members

La Infernal is the wife of Villano III

Rokambole Jr. may be a member of the family, however the relationship is unknown.

Difunto I is son of Ray Mendoza and half-brother of Los Villanos.

Los Villanos
Ray Mendoza