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El Supremo (Supreme)
El Supremo (Supreme)
Name El Supremo (Supreme)
Real name Salvador Cuevas Ramírez
Name history Power Man (1977, briefly), El Magnífico (debut - 03/77), El Supremo/El Supremo I (03/77 - )
Family El Hijo de Supremo & El Supremo Jr.(sons)
Maestro(s) Diablo Velazco
Birth date, location July 8, 1942[1] - Tijuana, Baja California
Obituary date May 4, 2010 - Tijuana, Baja California
Debut, location July 8, 1976 - Auditorio de Tijuana - Tijuana, Baja California
Lost mask to Pierroth Jr. - December 18, 1992 - Arena México
Height 5'8"/175 cm
Weight 206 lbs/93 kg
Signature moves Plancha Suicida, Supremo Special (Cerrajera variant)
Titles: Distrito Federal Welterweight Title, NWA World Welterweight Title, National Welterweight Title


El Supremo was born on July 8th, 1942, in Tijuana, Baja California. He was said to have competed in bodybuilding competitions prior to wrestling and had won the bodybuilding titles of "Mr. Mexico" and "Mr. Western Mexico".

He was trained by Diablo Velazco and debuted on July 8th, 1976 at the older age of 34, which is uncommon in lucha libre. He debuted as Power Man, but the the commission had a rule about not using English names and he changed his name to "El Magnifico". He ran into issues with this name also as it is a common name. He was then asked to change it and he decided upon "El Supremo". He ran into another issue with that name as it was deemed insensitive to some religions, but he was ultimately allowed to procede with the name.

He started seeing success by 1978 when he started making appearances in Arena Coliseo. He was immediately put in semi-finals and on June 11th, 1978, he and Kato Kung Lee made it to the finals of a tag team tournament where they lost to El Cobarde and El Impostor.

He won one of the first apuestas matches of his career when he defeated Bruno Victoria for his hair on July 15th, 1978. His next big win came on October 19th, 1979, when he competed in a tag team match where the loser of the fall has to unmask. He pinned Robot R-2 and was given credit for taking his mask. He feuded with Lawrence de Arabia in late 1979 into 1980. The two entered in a likely three man tournament for their masks with Kato Kung Lee. Supremo likely met with Lawrence in the final match where El Supremo took his mask.

After an unsuccessful attempt at Mano Negra's NWA World Welterweight Title on December 16th, 1979, he captured the belt from rival Kato Kung Lee on May 4th, 1980, but lost it less than a month later to Lizmark. This was his only run with that title as he lost in rematch against Lizmark and later could not beat Americo Rocca for the belt.

He captured the National Welterweight Title from Franco Columbo on February 1st, 1981, but lost it to Talisman on March 30th, 1982. He continued to be paired against Americo Rocca and Franco Columbo and formed a notable team with Espectro Jr..

He didn't have many highlights from 1983-1984 as he was usually put in the semi-final with people like El Nazi, Espectro Jr., and Satanico and would often fight people like Gran Cochisse, El Jalisco, Americo Rocca and Cachorro Mendoza.

He was the victim of bad luck on September 20th, 1985. He was supposed to headline the EMLL 52nd Anniversary Show against fellow golden masked rival El Dorado in a mask vs mask match. There was a major earthquake the day before and the event was supposed to be re-scheduled but never was. He was expected to be the winner of the match but the match never ended up taking place. Dorado ended up losing his mask the next year to Fantasma.

He appeared to have been phased out of EMLL for a while in the late 80's. During this time, he captured the mask of Guerrero Azteca in April 1987 in what may have been his last apuestas win.

He returned to EMLL in 1989 but was 47 years old at the time and was often in the middle or lower card. He was then paired with El Supremo II in 1990, but the pairing was never a main event attraction. He started a rivalry with Pierroth Jr. in November 1992. The pair feuded through December 1992. They met up in a mask vs mask match on December 18th, 1992. The match was reported to be bloody from the start with the pair trading the first and second fall, before Pierroth Jr. won in a disappointing 3rd fall. Supremo was unmasked as Salvador Cuevas Ramirez from Baja California.

Supremo hung around CMLL until 1996 when he was phased out again. He worked with the Tijuana wrestling and boxing commissions after his wrestling days. He had two sons named Hijo del Supremo and Supremo Jr. who took up his name in the mid-2000's. El Supremo passed away on May 4th, 2010 at 67 years old. He is most remembered for his trademark golden mask and chiseled physique.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
1978/07/15 hair El Supremo Bruno Victoria Puebla
1979/10/19 mask (1) El Supremo Robot R-2 Arena México - Mexico City
1980/02/29 mask El Supremo Lawrence de Arabia Arena México - Mexico City
1987/04/26 mask[2] El Supremo Guerrero Azteca Arena Cuatro Caminos, Nuevo Laredo
1987/10/26 mask El Supremo Guerrero Azteca Arena Coliseo - Monterrey, Nuevo León
1992/12/18 mask Pierroth Jr. El Supremo Arena México - Mexico City
(1) Santo & R-2 vs. Supremo & Vikingo, pinned man loser must unmask
  1. "El Supremo" by DJ Spectro; may have been announced 1950 at unmasking
  2. [[1]]


as EL Magnífico 70s
Supremo I & II
El Supremo vs. Gran Cochisse, Arena Coliseo 1984
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241842024 264646572185923 6646441760024353465 n.jpg
160273607 490885905243929 9194430537804277533 n.jpg

Versus Pierroth Jr. in Mask Match
Unmasked in Arena Mexico
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135593153 3329886383779609 3573982926590095516 n.jpg
181167933 934548407380690 2504524768418766047 n.jpg
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275752556 3214966862073973 7187736037906384444 n.jpg
297867989 600373294932277 1096646473410424032 n.jpg

as Power Man
December 1978 Article, Part 1
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as Power Man