El Hombre Vegetal

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Dink C
Dink C
Name Dink C
Real name Jorge Di Cicca
Name history El Cid Campeador (1977), El Leopardo (1977-1978), Jorge Andrea (1977), La Araña (1978), Jorge Andrea (1978), Ulises el Griego (1978), El Hombre Vegetal (1982), Jorge Di Cicca (1982, 1988, 1997), Dink-C (1983, 1988), Dennis Martin (1984), Caballero Rojo (1997)
Family Reina Dragón (Daughter)
Maestro(s) Club Boca Juniors
Birth date, location
Obituary date
Debut, location 1977
Lost mask to
Signature moves La Toma Boyea (as Hombre Vegetal), El Remolino (as Dink C)


Started his career in 1977 as El Cid Campeador, El Leopardo and Jorge Andrea in Titanes en el Ring. In 1978 continued as El Leopardo and Jorge Andrea but also assumed the identity of La Araña. On the same year he went as El Leopardo and Ulises el Griego in televised programs of Titanes en el Ring transmited out of Argentina. In 1982 went under the identity of El Hombre Vegetal which was his most famous character. He also continued under his real name Jorge Di Cicca. In 1983 assumed the first version of Dink-C. In 1984 at Colosos de la Lucha he assumed a new identity as Dennis Martin, a secret agent. In 1988 returned as Dink-C y Jorge Di Cicca in Titanes en el Ring. In 1997 he was another version of Caballero Rojo and also wrestled with his real name, Jorge Di Cicca.



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