El Hijo del Espanto I

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El Hijo del Espanto I
El Hijo del Espanto I
Name El Hijo del Espanto I
Real name unrevealed
Nicknames none
Name history El Hijo del Espanto I (debut - )
Family El Hijo del Espanto II (brother)
Maestro(s) Espanto II
Birth date, location March 20, 1978 - Torreón, Coahuila
Obituary date
Debut, location March 20, 1993 - Arena de la Colonia Nueva California
Lost mask to
Height 5'7"/170 cms
Weight 198 lbs/90 kg
Signature moves La Carreta Lagunera
Titles: Coahuila Lightweight Title, World Light Heavyweight Title (local version)


A student of Espanto II, made his debut at the Arena de la Colonia Nueva California, teaming with El Egipcio against El Faisán and El Forastero.

Has had two titles in his career, the Coahuila Lightweight stap, which he won from El Latino Jr. at Arena Rivera in Torreón, in 1995, and the World Light Heavyweight Title (not the NWA title, so it may be a regional title billed with the World tag) beating Emisario de la Muerte in San Pedro, Coahuila, in the year 2000.

He has got a reputation in the Laguna region where he's been in matches with people like Dr. Wagner Jr., Parka, Super Parka, Hijo del Santo, Mr. Niebla and Antifaz. He has competed a lot in Nuevo León as well as arenas in the Mexico City outskirts such as Naucalpan. He has also had the chance to wrestle in the United States.

Now forms a regular tag team with Hijo del Espanto II. They are not to be confused with AAA's short lived Hijos del Espanto tag team, who were brothers of Jesús Andrade Salas (Espanto Jr./Pentagon) but were given the name without permission of the Espanto family (Espanto Jr. was not family to any of the original Espantos), so they had to drop it.

Hijo del Espanto I is a very complete wrestler, who with II has formed a very solid and versatile tag team that preserves the essence of the original Espantos with the methodical matwork and fierce brawling, combined with an updated offense that includes some flying such as top-rope frankensteiners.