El Generico

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El Generico
El Generico
Name El Generico
Real name Rami Sebei
Nicknames The Generic Luchador, The Pride of Tijuana
Name history Stevie McFly, El Generico ( - 2012), Sami Zayn (2013 - ???)
Family none
Maestro(s) Patty the Kid
Birth date, location July 12, 1984 - Hill Valley, Quebec, Canada (though he is announced as being from Tijuana)
Obituary date
Debut, location 2002
Lost mask to He was unmasked by Low Ki on 1-28-2005
Height 5'11"/180 cms
Weight 180 lbs/82 kg
Signature moves Brainbustaaaaahhhhh!!!!!, 450 Splash, Blue Thunder Bomb, Complete Shot into a Koji Clutch, Cradle DDT, Double Pumphandle Orange Crush, Helluva/Olé Kick, Plancha, Plancha Suicida, Tope con Giro, Tope Suicida into a Tornado DDT, Tornado DDT
Titles: 2004 Elite 8 Tournament, Sherri Memorial Cup Tournament (w/ LuFisto), IWS Heavyweight Championship (2), PWG World Championship, PWG World Tag Team Championship (4, w/ Human Tornado, w/ Quicksilver, 2 w/ Kevin Steen), ROH World Tag Team Championship (w/Kevin Steen), WWE NXT Championship


Generico made a one time appearance on DTU's 2008 Lucha Libre Expo show. Brought back by DTU in April of 2010, and AAA brought him in for a TV taping the same weekend, as a friend of Jack Evans. His Brainbuster on Ozz was clipped out, and he took the pinfall soon after.

Generico quietly unmasked when he joined WWE under the name Sami Zayn.


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unmasked as Sami Zayn in WWE