El Ejecutivo

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El Ejecutivo
El Ejecutivo
Name El Ejecutivo
Real name Alfredo Giuffre
Name history El Ejecutivo (1977-1980,1982,1988), El Sheriff (1979), Richard Schumann (1982), Androide de Plata (1983 1988), Vaquero Smith (1983), Rene Cartier (1990s)
Birth date, location March 11, 1951 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Obituary date April 5, 2012 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Debut, location 1970s
Lost mask to
Signature moves Plancha, Dropkick


He had a sports background in greco-roman wrestling. His professional wrestling career began during 1977 with Titanes en el Ring Season 1977. His first and most memorable character in Titanes en el Ring was El Ejecutivo. The gimmick was the one of a Executive. He made his entrance with a Paulina Karadagian as his secretary for the 1988 season, before her there were different anonymous secretaries. He used to respond "phone calls" before, after and even during the match. He wrestled wearing a business suit instead of a wrestling gear.

In 1982 he became Richard Schumann, a mysterious musician heavily based on the Phantom of the Opera. This character was characterized for losing his wig and or his mask in the middle of the match. In 1983 he changed his gimmick to El Androide de Plata who was El Androide's brother. In that year he also was Vaquero Smith.

He was one of the wrestlers who migrated to Lucha Total/Lucha Mundial when Titanes en el Ring ended. He adopted a rudo gimmick named René Cartier.


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as Richard Schumann
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as Vaquero Smith
as El Sheriff
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as Rene Cartier (right)


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