Distrito Federal Women's Championship

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Current Champions

The status of this championship is currently unknown. As with many DF championships, this title one faded into obscurity in the mid 90s.

History of Championship

This championship was started in 1987, after the ban on women wrestling in Mexico City was lifted. Pantera Sureña held the title at some point.

Champions Listing

# Champion(s) Defeated Date Location
8 women tournament to decide initial champion
1 Irma Aguilar Martha Villalobos 1987.01.30 Arena Coliseo DF
title status unclear
?[1] Martha Villalobos 1987.10.23 Arena Mexico
?[2] Pantera Sureña ? 1988? ?
?[3] Martha Villalobos 1989.01.29 Plaza de Toros el Cortijo
title status unclear
? La Sirenita ? ? ?
? Maria del Angel 1990.05.13 Pista Arena Revolucion
? La Diabolica 1990.06.10 Arena Xochimilco
? La Diabolica La Sirenita 1991.06.21 Pista Arena Revolucion
? Lady Apache La Diabolica 1992.08.16 Arena Coliseo DF
?[4] Pantera Sureña 1994.12.01 Pista Arena Revolucion
title status unclear
? La Practicante Julissa 1996.05.12 Arena Naucalpan
title status unclear
? Marcela ? ? ?
? Amapola 2004.09.20 Arena Puebla
title status unclear; may not be a title change
title change
successful title defense
championship matches which were announced, but results were not found


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Gallery of Champions

Irma Aguilar, 1st Champion