Difunto II

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Difunto II (Deceased II)
Difunto II (Deceased II)
Name Difunto II (Deceased II)
Real name Gerardo Livas Segura
Name history Dragon Lee, Difunto II (91-)
Maestro(s) Mr. Satán, Mr. Lince
Birth date, location January 26, 1965- San Pedro, Coahuila
Obituary date
Debut, location September 1983- Deportivo San Pedro
Lost mask to
Height 175 cm/5'9"
Signature moves
Titles: FILL Tag Team Championship (w/Difunto I), LUM Tag Team CHampionships (w/ Difunto I), Northern Lightweight championship, Texas Middleweight Championship, WWA World Middleweight Championship


In 1991 Los Hermanos Difuntos were brought in as backup in a rudo trio with Herodes in Monterrey. Since then they have been regulars on the Monterrey scene.

Lucha de Apuestas Record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? hairs Difunto I & Difunto II Tackle & Piloto Negro Arena Olímpico Laguna - Torreón, Coahuila
??/??/?? mask Difunto II Black Jet Unknown
??/??/?? mask Difunto II Diabolico Unknown
??/??/?? mask Difunto II Gran Jefe Unknown
??/??/?? mask Difunto II Mafia Negra Unknown
??/??/?? hair Difunto II Tackle Unknown
??/??/?? hair Difunto II Condor Rojo Unknown
??/??/?? hairs Difunto II & Difunto I Sexy Piscis & Piloto Negro ?
01/08/03 hair (1) Blue Fish, Centurion Negro & Mongol Chino Herodes,

Difunto I & Difunto II

Arena Majo - Nuevo Leon
08/12/18 mask (2) Ultimo Guerrero Difunto II Arena Monterrey - Monterrey
09/07/04 hair Tigre Universitario Difunto II Parque Tolteca - Monterrey, N.L.
(1) Captain's Fall match with Blue Fish (mask) and Herodes (hair) as the captains; (2) Finals of Ruleta de la Muerte, Difunto II was subbing for the injured Rey Hechicero

Difunto I and II in Olympico Laguna
Los Difuntos