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  By far the most famous Dark Angel, but not the only one. Stephanie Vaquer used this name in Chile


Dark Angel
Dark Angel
Name Dark Angel
Real name Sarah Stock
Nicknames Sara la Canadiense
Name history Sarah Stock (debut - ), Sarah Stone, Sarah Swayze, Natasha Graves, Sweet Sarah (07/02 - 09/02), Sarah Griffin (10/02 - 10/03), Dark Angel (10/03 - ), Sara la Canadiense (2004), Sarita (2009 TNA)
Family none
Maestro(s) Eddie Watts, Phil LaFon, Diluvio Negro I, José Luis Feliciano
Birth date, location March 4, 1979 - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Obituary date
Debut, location February 22, 2002 - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Lost mask to Princesa Sujei - April 2, 2004 - Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
Height 5'4"/162 cms
Weight 123 lbs/56 kg
Signature moves La Reinera, Tapatía, Camel Clutch, Wakigatame, Tiger Driver, Fefita?(Rings of Saturn variant), Spicy Hot
Titles: Calgary: Can-Am Wrestling Federation Woman's Title, LLF Juvenil Title, Nuevo Leon State Women's Title, FILL Women Championship, 2007 AULL Copa Internacional Femenil, TNA Knockout Tag Team Titles (2) 1 w/ Taylor Wilde, 1 w/Rosita, Wonder of Stardom Championship


Dark Angel was one of the most famous luchadoras in Mexico. Competing as a technica, she was very popular. Dark Angel - equally referred to by her given name of Sarah Stock - is originally from Canada, but learned to speak Spanish.

Dark Angel is one of the people credited with CMLL's current women's wrestling push. She originally just worked in the Monterrey area, and even worked the 2005 AAA Reina de Reinas tournament (as an anonymous face in the crowd), before she was 'discovered' by CMLL. Even then, Sarah seemed slotted as ruda enhancement talent against two other well known tecnicas, Lady Apache and Marcela, in their first match. Dark Angel and her partner Amapola stole the match and, in combination with Apache leaving CMLL, became the top stars of the division.

Dark Angel got success has been due to talent, timing, and connections; she became a star in lucha magazine, which helped her become a bigger star to the fans. Her looks didn't hurt, and that's what prompted CMLL to have her turn tecnica. Dark Angel feuded with her ex-tag partner Amapola, leading to a mask versus hair match in Arena Mexico, the first apuesta women's match and the highest placed women's match in this era of women's wrestling.

Dark Angel is a solid women's wrestler. She tends to use more power moves than a typical luchadora, but is a typical tecnica in most ways. You can still see the Canada/US style of wrestling in her work, but adapted to the lucha style very well.

Outside of CMLL, she has competed in Japan for the Stardom promotion as well as in TNA where she was known as Sarita (being billed as Mexican despite obviously not being so). In TNA, she feuded with Alissa Flash, Angelina Love, & Velvet Sky. Also won the TNA Knockouts(Womens) Tag Team Championships on 2 occasions with Taylor Wylde & Rosita.


On August 26, 2015 Dark Angel announced she was leaving CMLL & Mexico after a nearly 10 year career in Lucha Libre. She was given a celebrated farewell by CMLL who honored her storied career. Her last match was at the CMLL 82nd anniversary show against Princesa Sujei.


Dark Angel's career will be celebrated for years to come as she will go down as one of the luchadoras who helped pave the way for women's lucha libre. She now is in the U.S. training women's wrestlers in the art of lucha Libre.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
2004/04/02 mask Princesa Sujei Dark Angel Arena Feminil - Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
2006/04/14 mask Dark Angel Amapola Arena Mexico


Heavy Metal Circus 2007 Mexico

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