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The 1st Copa Tony Sugar was a cup held by Esto Es Lucha-Pro Wrestling to honor Tony Sugar. The cup began on February 15 in the Salon Los Angeles and ended on March 1, 2014. Before the begin of tournament was held a battle royal to seed the brackets in the tournament. Azteca and El Pantera I were placed direct to semifinals.


Alan Extreme & Imposible------
                              |Alan Extreme & Imposible------
Arez & Psycko Kid-------------                               |
                                                             |Alan Extreme & Imposible------
(bye)-------------------------                               |                              |
                              |Azteca & El Pantera I---------                               |
Azteca & El Pantera I---------                                                              |
                                                                                            |Imposible & Alan Extreme/Carta Brava Jr.[1]
Comando Negro & Impulso-------                                                              |
                              |Saruman & Vampiro Metalico----                               |
Saruman & Vampiro Metalico----                               |                              |
                                                             |Saruman & Vampiro Metalico----
Acero & Freelance-------------                               |
                              |Fresero Jr. & Mike Segura-----
Fresero Jr. & Mike Segura-----
  1. Carta Brava Jr. replaced Alan Extreme in the final of tournament.