Big V

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Big V
Big V
Name Big V
Real name Nelson Frazier, Jr.
Nicknames The Lying King, Big Vis, The 500 Pound / World's Largest Love Machine, The Mastodon, The Most Dominant Force in the WWE.
Name history Nelson Knight, Mabel, King Mabel, Viscera, Big Daddy V, Big Daddy Voodoo, Big V, King V, Big Daddy
Birth date, location February 14, 1972 - Memphis, Tennessee
Obituary date February 18, 2014
Debut, location 1993
Lost mask to
Height 6' 9"/206 cm
Weight 484 lbs/220 kg
Signature moves Body avalanche, Big Daddy V Drop, Choke Slam, Embalmer/Sex Drive/Viscera Driver, Ghetto Drop, Sitdown Splash, Spinning Wheel Kick, Swinging Side Slam/Whirlwind of Love
Titles: OMW North American Heavyweight Champion, PWF Tag Team Champion, USWA Heavyweight Champion, Memphis Wrestling Southern Heavyweight Champion, WWF Hardcore Champion, WWF World Tag Team Champion, King of the Ring (1995), XWF Heavyweight Champion, AJPW All Asia Tag Team Championship (w/TARU).


Appears in Perros del Mal in 2010. Returned to Mexico in 2013 for WWL.