Belly-to-back piledriver

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A modification of moves like the Air Raid Crash, and a piledriver variation that seems more risky than those which are actually called illegal. It's a popular Japan/US move. There are several variations of the move.

Kneeling Belly-to-Back piledriver

Belly to back piledriver maligna.gif
The attack drops to their knees driving their opponent head first onto the mat.

Sitdown Belly-to-Back pilderiver

This variation is also called the Beach Break after its innovator Genki Horiguchi. The move has the attacker drop sitdown, driving their opponent's head into the mat.

Sunset Driver


A varation of the kneeling version where the oponent is held in a Rana for an attempt at a pinfall. Skándalo uses a variation as his finish calling it the Skándalo Driver.