Barba Roja (AAA)

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Barba Roja (Red Beard)
Barba Roja (Red Beard)
Name Barba Roja (Red Beard)
Real name
Name history Kaleth (IWRG, indies), Barba Roja (2006-)
Maestro(s) Pirata Morgan
Birth date, location December 8, 1983- Distrito Federal
Obituary date
Debut, location June 6, 2000
Lost mask to
Signature moves


Promising rookie who trained in Tulancingo. Eventually made his way to IWRG along with his friend Crazzy Boy and stuck around to form a trio with Nemesis and Pirata Morgan Jr.. The trio disappeared in late 2006 just as Pirata Morgan introduced a group of his "kids" in AAA. They had a rather eventful run for just over a year and were eventually all phased out by the new bookers leaving all of them to work independent dates with their "dad".

Unless it's happening under a different name, doesn't appear to be too active on his own in the indies. Mostly appears as an extra family member when Pirata Morgan or Hijo del Pirata Morgan needs a partner in a family feud, and not even frequently at that.


Barba Roja is on the bottom left.