Babe Richard

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Babe Richard
Babe Richard
Name Babe Richard
Real name Jorge Cabrera
Name history Tauro II, Chamaco Richard, Aparecido Negro, Polar, Smog, Baby/Babe Richard
Family Babe Richard Jr. (son), Zafiro (daughter), Master (brother)
Birth date, location February 15, 1952
Obituary date
Debut, location February 1973
Lost mask to
Weight 68 kgs/150 lbs (as Tauro II)
Signature moves La Taurina
Titles: Distrito Federal Lightweight Title, Nezahualcóytol Lightweight Championship

Babe Richard is in the middle


  • Has heavy influence within CMLL. Handles any foreign bookings and is in charge of making things go according to plan in big matches. Personal traveling referee for Mistico to ensure local promoters don't conspire to go against approved finishes.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? mask Babe Richard Aristos Arena Coliseo Acapulco
??/??/?? mask Tauro II Impala unknown
??/??/?? hair Tauro II Duende unknown
78/10/22 hair Babe Richard Ray Moreno Toluca
89/01/29[1] hair Babe Richard Gorilita Flores Arena Coliseo DF
91/03/23 hair Babe Richard Corsario Rojo Arena San Gerardo - Mexico City
91/07/14 hair Babe Richard Símbolo Arena Coliseo - Mexico City
93/07/04 hair Mestizo Babe Richard Arena Coliseo - Mexico City
01/08/12 hair Babe Richard Cuchillo Arena Nueva Aragón - Mexico City


as Tauro II
with Kilowatito as Aparecido
as Chamaco Richard
as Polar
Babe Richard posing with his masks
winning Aristos's hair
as Smog
as Smog
as Smog

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