Promo Azteca Middleweight Tournament, 1997

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Tournament held by Promo Azteca in order to crown the first ever Promo Azteca Middleweight Champion. Tournament Quarterfinals and Semifinals matches took place at Gimnasio Francisco J. Mújica in Mexico City on February 28, 1997. Tournament Finals took place at Arena Toluca in Toluca, Mexico State on March 7, 1997, crowning Panterita del Ring as champion over rivals Ángel Azteca and Black Dragon.

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
   Ángel Azteca W    
   Ángel Azteca  
   Black Dragon [1]  
 Black Dragon W
   Último Guerrero  
      Azteca/Dragon [2]
   Panterita del Ring W
   Panterita del Ring W  
 Último Rebelde  
   Panterita del Ring W
   Psicosis I  
 Psicosis I W
   Super Caló    
  1. Ángel Azteca drew Black Dragon, both advance.
  2. Panterita del Ring defeated Ángel Azteca and Black Dragon in a Three Way Match.