Atila (Titanes en el Ring)

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Name Atila
Real name Rubén Osvaldo Velázquez
Nicknames El Rey de los Hunos
Name history Romulo (1977), Cacique Piel Roja (1978), Mano Negra (1978, 1997), Atila (1982, 1988), Saturno 2021 (1982), La Momia (1982), Igor el Cosaco (1983), Rudo Velázquez (1988), Huicho Juárez (1997)
Maestro(s) Mr. Moto
Birth date, location December 21, 1949
Obituary date July 2, 2020[1]
Debut, location 1977
Lost mask to
Signature moves


Velázquez's interest in professional wrestling began during early 70s, with his friend Juan Carlos Torres (Gitano Ivanoff II) went to train at the gymnasium of Alejandro Rodrigo (Mr. Moto). Some time later, Martin Karadagian recruited him to make his debut on 1977. With Torres began as the odd tag team of Romulo and Remo, based on the founders of the ancient Rome. They were not exactly a tag team Romulo was the bad guy while his "brother" Remo was the good guy, and they argued in the middle of the matches. In 1978, Velazquez went under two different gimmicks Cacique Piel Roja and Mano Negra both as rudos. By 1982, Karadagián trusted on Velázquez's versatility giving him two more gimmicks. One was Atila, based on the historical character and the other was the grotesque alien Saturno 2021. In that year, Juan Manuel Figueroa was La Momia and El Androide, but one night both had a one on one match at Luna Park Stadium, the crowd asked for that match without knowing they were the same person. On that night Rubén Velázquez went under La Momia persona. In 1983 he left Titanes en el Ring to jump to Colosos de la Lucha, promoted by Mr. Moto. His new identity was as Igor el Cosaco. Made a comeback to Titanes en el Ring on 1988 as Atila, then went to Lucha Fuerte as El Rudo Velázquez. Always active, until his return to televised matches i. Titanes en el Ring in 1997, which was already promoted by Paulina Karadagian. This time, he had a new identity, Huicho Juárez, a Mexican gimmick who entered with a trio of Mariachis. Huicho Juárez was a hito in his career being the last rival of the first Caballero Rojo. Besides Huicho Juárez he also performed as Mano Negra. Perhaps he was not a fan favorite, but his constant work made him one of thr most recognized rudos of his generation.



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