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There have been multiple buildings named Arena Apatlaco.

La Nueva Arena Apatlaco operated from June 1976 to October 15, 1994 and was located in Delegacion Iztapalapa. Raul Reyes, while still wrestling in EMLL, used their talent to promote shows here. Shows were typically Saturday nights, starting at 9:15pm.

Due to internal differences, Reyes switched to using independent luchadors, which eventually caused him to be retired by EMLL. Reyes turned his focus to creating his own group of wrestlers, though he'd also bring in UWA wrestlers.

The last show was promoted here on November 6th, 1994. Reyes told the press he was canceling all shows because off the poor attendance (the final show was recorded as having 100 fans) and was planning on selling the building. This was seen as a sign that small promoters could no longer survive in Mexico City.

The arena was sub divided into smaller buildings, including a bodega.

Some who started here:

This arena was the home of the Mexican National Featherweight Championship. EMLL had been offered the title, but refused, saying people that small should not be in lucha libre.

Principe Island, the future LA Park, lost his mask here.


  • Luchas 2000 #532
  • WON 1994-11-28