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Name Alcides
Real name Antonio Pérez de Prian
Nicknames "El Alcides Mexicano" (Rhe Mexican Alcides)
Name history Alcides
Maestro(s) unnamed French Zouave
Birth date, location ?
Obituary date ?
Debut, location 1863 - Real Plaza de Toros de San Pablo
Lost mask to
Signature moves


The first Mexican professional wrestler was known as the "Alcides Mexicano". He learned wrestling during the years of the French Intervention in Mexico. [1] He watched French Soldiers who were practicing and he became a fan (may be the first Mexican wrestling fan), and he wanted to learn. [2] He befriended a French Zouave whose name is unknown and trained him in this unique discipline. He moved to Mexico City and kept training until his debut.

His first match was in the Real Plaza de Toros de San Pablo against Henry Buckler, who was hired exclusively to be his opponent in his debut in the XIX. [3] Pérez de Prian won the bout and took the nickname of Alcides.

Pérez de Prián was pioneer in the teaching of Greco-Roman wrestling to many young Mexicans. He was regent of Gimnasio Higiénico y Medicinal, founded by Monsieur M. Tourin. That gymnasium considered the first training school of wrestling.[4]

The rivals kept coming in different venues as exhibition. He kept wrestling until the day he decided to leave Mexico and immigrate to Europe. [5]

Years later, a new wave of Mexican wrestlers appeared after Pérez de Prian, José Espino Barros and Enrique Ugartechea. [6]