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Agente X
Agente X
Name Agente X
Real name Ángel Umaña
Name history Agente X, El Pistolero
Maestro(s) El Enfermero, El Greco, Conde Dracula, Caballero Tigre
Birth date, location 1940 - Mexico City
Obituary date December 17, 2014
Debut, location August 1, 1965 - Arena Tlacotal, Iztacalco - Mexico City as Agente X
Lost mask to Dr. O'Borman Sr.
Height 182 cm/6' 0"
Weight 90 kg/198 lb
Signature moves


Angel Umana Torres was in born in 1940 in Mexico City, Mexico. He quit school early and took up plumbing, then later became a fan of lucha libre. In particular, he was a big fan of Chico Casasola and Bobby Bonales.

He was a natural heavyweight, having trained in both amateur wrestling and soccer. He was trained in lucha libre by El Enfermero, El Greco, Conde Dracula and Caballero Tigre and debuted in Arena Tlacotal on August 1st, 1965 against Moy Enriquez. He gained experience fighting in smaller arenas and started entering aspuestas matches, where he defeated Leo Lopez for his twice, Paulino Mar and Goliat Ayala. during this time he unsuccessfully challenged for La Muerte I's Mexico State light heavyweight title.

Agente X is unmasked

He was said to have good rivalries with wrestlers like El Espectro, Goris Medina, El Hindu, Villano I and Villano II and Los Hermanos Muerte. He also formed some successful teams with El Lince, El Condor, Sombra Vengadora (a wrestler whose mask design was popularized by Rayo de Jalisco) and Angel de Oro.

He debuted in EMLL on November 15th, 1969 and met many new rivals there including Golden Boy, Manuel Robles, Chucho Villa and Huroki Sito. He engaged in a rivalry with Dr. O'Borman. The feud culminated in a mask vs mask showdown on November 29th, 1975, with Agente X being unmasked as 10 year veteran Don Angel Umana. During this time he also had multiple singles matches with El Invasor and Dick Angelo. He defeated El Gran Davis for his hair on May 16th, 1978.

He continued on in wrestling but started wrestling less and in 1983, returned under a new gimmick, "El Pistolero". The gimmick did not last too long as he, El Estudiante and Dracula were unmasked by Los Pitufos (The Smurfs) on April 14th, 1983.

He was sometimes seen at various wrestlers meetings and passed away on December 17th, 2014.


SuperLuchas Obit

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? hair Agente X Goliat Ayala unknown
??/??/?? hair Agente X Paulino Mar unknown
??/??/?? hair Agente X Leo Lopez unknown
??/??/??[1] hair Agente X Leo Lopez unknown
75/09/29 mask Dr. O'Borman Sr. Agente X Pista Arena Revolucion
1978/05/16 hair Agente X El Gran Davis Mexico City
  1. Enciclopedia Mundial de Luchadores Tomo 1


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Losing his mask to Dr. O'Borman Part 1
Losing his mask to Dr. O'Borman Sr. Part 2