XNL National Tag Team Tournament, 2015

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Tournament held by Xplosion Nacional de Lucha Libre in order to crown new holders for XNL National Tag Team Championship. The titles were held up on July 5, 2015 when Bajo Cero was unable to defend the title due to he suffered a right knee injury. The tournament began on October 4, continues on November 1, and finishes on December 6, 2015.


  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
   Alison Evans & Javier Avilés     October 4
 Gastón Mateo & Yaro W  
   Gastón Mateo & Yaro W  
October 4
   Dínamo & Dr. Morbo  
 Dínamo & Dr. Morbo W
   Pyro & Shocko  
December 6      Gastón Mateo & Yaro W
   Lenko Sins & Solar Sánchez [1]
   Ariki Toa & Lenko Sins W  
 Helter Skelter & Pedro Pablo Subercaseaux  
   Lenko Sins & Solar Sánchez W
November 1
   ____ & Locky [2]  
 ____ & Locky W
   Ghurka & Ultra     November 1


  1. El Clan (Gastón Mateo & Yaro) defeated El Monarcado (Bajo Cero –Toro didn't show to wrestle–) and L.A.D. (Lenko Sins & Solar Sánchez) in a tournament final Three Way Match to win the vacant XNL National Tag Team Championship.
  2. Solar Sánchez replaced Ariki Toa as tag team partner of Lenko Sins after the First Round Match.