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Tonina Jackson
Tonina Jackson
Name Tonina Jackson
Real name Héctor Jaime Garza Lozano Vela
Nicknames "Cara de niño" (The Baby Face)
Name history Tonina Jackson, Gordo Lozano, Great JoJo, Lozano Garza, Pancho Morales, The Great Tonina
Family unrelated to Tonina Jackson Jr.
Maestro(s) Óscar Arispe, Alfredo Ontiveros, Octavio Gaona
Birth date, location January 9, 1917 - Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
Obituary date November 2 1969
Debut, location August 11, 1938 - Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
Lost mask to
Weight 136 kgs/300 lbs
Signature moves Plancha
Titles: Nuevo Leon Regional Middleweight Title, NWA Southern Tag Team Titles (Mid-America-Version) (w/ Jack Purdin); AWA Southern Tag Team Champion (w/ Jack Purdin)


Active luchador in the 1940's-60's, was at his biggest stardom through the 50's-60's where he was a top star. When he was a child he used to go to the Arena Obrero where he stepped on the ring to imitate his idols. He began to get the crowd's attention because of his ability and speed despite of being chubby. The attendants applauded him and threw him coins. He asked his father permission for taking wrestling classes at Círculo Mercantil Mutualista de Monterrey in order to become a professional wrestler. However, his father sent him to the United States to take an accountant career in order to help in the family business. Even with his father's refusal, he decided to practice wrestling on the summer vacations of 1936 he registered along with some friends at Círculo Mercantil Mutualista.

On 1938, after two years of training with Óscar Arispe, Alfredo Ontiveros, and Octavio Gaona (and with his father's disapproval) he asked the promoter of El Coliseo, Jesus Garza Hernandez "Don Chucho" for an opportunity. Don Chucho told him that the Garza last name is very common in Monterrey, and due to the boy's his body built and his perfect English he named him "La Tonina Jackson". His first exhibition match was against another novice "King Kong" Cordava and as all rookies, they were not paid, they only received money thrown by the people of they liked the match. He participated in several exhibition matches against more rookies until the day Don Chucho considered that Jackson was ready for his professional debut.

His professional debut was a singles match against Kurt Rossen. On 1940, he had his first main event against Joe Grand in Tampico, Tamaulipas. On that year he went to Arena Mexico and after some presentations, he went back to Monterrey on 1941. On that year he won a tournament for a regional middle weight championship. As regional champion, he competed in border cities against important rivals such as Antonio Macias, Charro Aguayo, and Gorila Ramos.

He became one of the first Mexican wrestlers who succeeded in the United States. On 1944, he was invited by Salvador Lutteroth to Mexico City once again. Through Firpo Segura, he met the promoter Billy Romanoff who offered him his first contract to wrestle in the United States in Jackson, Mississippi. He was debuted there as Gordo Lozano, because the promoter thought that Tonina Jackson was not an adequate name. In his debut, he defeated Jack Curtis. In that city he met the promoter Joe Gunter invited him to Birmingham, Alabama, where wrestling was popular; in that city he broke a record if appearing in main events weekly and competed against the most notable wrestlers of the time. The height of his success was so high that he made exhibition matches against former professional boxers. He also participated in unusual matches he went in the ring against a trained 300 lbs bear, a kangaroo, and an eight foot alligator in Alexandria, Louisiana he dubbed a wrestler who was originally booked. In that match he almost lost an arm.

In 1946 he made successful tours in cities such as Chicago and New York as Great Jojo, dressed as a charro wearing a sarape and sombrero. By 1947, Jesus Garza invited him once more at Arena Monterrey. In the following years, he alternated his presentations in Monterrey and in the United States as Lozano Martinez and Garza Lozano.

Made a fearsome tag team with Wolf Rubinsky. Often teamed with Huracan Ramirez. Was a beloved técnico whose main rival was Médico Asesino.

In 1950, he protagonized the first mixed tag team match in Monterrey. He went with Margie Greene against the husband and wife tag team comprised by Eveline and Frenchy Roberre. He was one of the pioneers in televised wrestling shows. In 1952, Emilio Ascarraga decided to televise events at the Arena of Televicentro.

Tonina was at one point so popular that the Royal Crown Cola named the family size Nehi soft drink after him called "Tonina". His popularity also lead to Tonina appearing in many lucha libre films, which led him to opportunities to South American countries, particuarly Venezuela. Because of his fame in movies, Editorial Juventud, invited him to protagonize a series of graphic novels in the Pepin Magazine.

In 1967, he made his last tour in the United States. His last match was a singles against Jim Bernard in Wrestle Thon in San Antonio, Texas. He had several health problems since mid 1960s due to his weight. He passed away on November 2, 1969.


  1. Soy un Prófugo (1946)
  2. El Bello Durmiente (1952)
  3. El Luchador Fenómeno (1952) - Himself
  4. Huracán Ramírez (1953) - Tonina Jackson
  5. El Misterio de Huracán Ramírez (1962)
  6. El Hijo de Huracán Ramírez (1965)
  7. La Venganza del Huracán Ramírez (1967)

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? hair Tonina Jackson Indio peon Arena de Nuevo Ladero Tamaulipas
52/07/26 hair Médico Asesino Tonina Jackson Arena Coliseo - Mexico City
60/04/20 hair Torbellino Blanco Tonina Jackson San Antonio, Texas, USA



  • Biography written by Juan Ramón Garza Guajardo in "Nuestra Gente". - Although his birth date appears as March 14, 1921 in appears as May 14, 1921, and most sources say it was January 9, 1917.
  • "Box y Lucha Edicion Especial 80". Tonina Jackson (September 11, 2013)