Gigante Warrior

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Not the same person as Nitron!

Gigante Warrior
Gigante Warrior
Name Gigante Warrior
Real name Jeff "Butch" Bearden
Name history Butch Masters, Giant Warrior, Giant Steele, Tiger Steele, Butch Bonner, Butch Rhodes, Colossus the Gladiator, Giant Clown (IWL)
Maestro(s) Dory Funk Jr., Dick Murdoch
Birth date, location June 10, 1963- Amarillo, Texas
Obituary date
Debut, location April 4, 1987
Lost mask to
Height 213 cm/7'0"
Weight 163 kg/360 lbs
Signature moves The Conqueror, Leg Drop


Obsessed With Wrestling


FB IMG 1519328025950.jpg
As Butch Masters in EMLL, 1988
With Nitron in AJPW, 1990
with Kokina