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Guerrero Maya Jr. (Born August 8, 1985), is the son of Black Terry and is currently a CMLL mid-card tecnico teaming with Atlantis and Delta as Los Reyes del Atlantida. He is a former holder of the Mexican National Trios Championship as part of Los Reyes. Worked as Multifacético in IWRG where he was pushed to a degree that the fans turned on him, he was only able to silence the critics through his feud with Black Terry and series of great matches. Excellent high flyer who uses Sacrifica Maya as his finishing move and a Tope con Giro that often sees him land in the first row at Arena Mexico. Also uses a Tope en Reversa both inside and outside the ring. Former holder of the IWRG Intercontinental Welterweight Championship and once competed under the name "Samba".