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Perro Aguayo Jr. began his career at the age of 15 in AAA as a tecnico. He teamed with his father Perro Aguayo. Formed a team Los Junior Atomicos and later a tag team with Hector Garza. In 2003 left AAA and joined CMLL. Continued on mainly as a tecnico until he turned heel in a famous angle when he won the Leyenda de Plata tournament and when Hijo del Santo came to award him the trophy he smashed it. In 2004 created Los Perros del Mal which became a hugely popular heel group within CMLL. They battled the likes of Mistico I & Negro Casas. Perrito along with other Perros del Mal members left CMLL in 2008 to form their own promotion effectively turning the group into an even bigger entity. The promotion used everyone from Indie, CMLL and Triple A stars. In 2010 Perrito returned to AAA to lead an invasion of his Perros del Mal into the promotion. Perrito himself became an even bigger star as the top heel in AAA feuding with all the tecnicos and forming La Sociedad with Konnan and Dorian Roldan. Perrito's legend grew as he feuded with La Parka Jr., Cibernetico, Myzteziz, Rey Misterio Jr., and El Patrón Alberto.