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Chessman en AAA.jpg

Chessman in one of AAA's signature rudos. He's never been treated as a top guy, but is usually near or in the main event due to his abilities to make the tecnicos look good. Chessman is as good with comedy tecnico as brawling tecnicos as flying tecnicos. However, much to his own personal disappointment, he's never seen as quite good enough to be champion of the group.

Chessman's character was created by Antonio Pena. Chessman himself was confused at what the new character was supposed to be when it was first proposed to him, unsure if Pena meant him to be a cheese or a chess piece. Pena explained it was actual a takeoff of US serial killer Caryl Chessman, who had used a red light in his murders. Chessman's been a long time ally (and occasional rival) of Charly Manson, who has a similar origin for his character.

Chessman was a fubtol prospect prior to his lucha libre career. He has soccer in his blood - his father was on a championship winning team - but says he never really liked playing himself. Chessman says his soccer career ended when he accidentally injured a foreign player in a practice match.