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Juan Conrado Aguilar Jáuregui was born on Tuesday, November 26, 1958, in a Cachanilla colonia of Mexicali, the capital city of Baja California Norte, Mexico's northwestern-most state. At the age of 13 years, 2 months, and 6 days, on February 1, 1972, Aguilar had his debut match in the nearby (well, 100 miles, but it is the closest large city) town of San Luis Rio Colorado, in Sonora state, just across the USA border from Yuma, Arizona. Debuting at that age was rare, but not unheard of either - Súper Astro and El Rey Misterio junior debuted in Tijuana at similar ages. For pride-of-place reasons, Texano always had a Western or Cowboy theme to his ring presentation, and on that night, he debuted under a hood as 'Billy the Kid.' Later, he changed his ring name to Roy Navarro, a name taken from his favorite uncle, and trained under Mexicali trainer Caudillo II (Manuel Hernández Flores). From the get-go, Texano was a big success in Tijuana and Mexicali as a young high flier not unlike a Mistico of today, or a Colibri (later Rey Misterio junior) of yesterday. Once or twice, 'Roy Navarro' even appeared on cards in Arena Coliseo from EMLL. EMLL was responding to the UWA 1975 split by heavily pushing younger lighter guys like Fishman, Satoru Sayama, Sangre Chicana, and the like, and was asking regional promoters in Mexico to recommend young fliers. From time to time, he was also billed as 'El Vaquero,' 'Juan El Texano,' or 'Johnny Texas.' But after one of the shows in Mexico City, a very well-respected lucha libre magazine writer named Héctor Valero Maré took Juan aside and suggested 'El Texano' as a ring name instead of 'Roy Navarro' or 'El Vaquero" and Juan agreed.