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During his first three years in the business Rene Guajardo wrestled as a técnico, but in 1957 he saw Karloff Lagarde in Monterrey and started to wonder if he'd do better as a rudo/heel, as he saw that as a técnico his career wasn't advancing even though he was considered a future big star by the media and the fans (he was voted Rookie of the year in 1955).

Soon thereafter, René and Karloff became good friends. Lagarde already was an stablished main event star and holder of the National Welterweight Title. Back then, most lucha main events were tag team matches, and he knew he'd do better with a regular team partner. He saw all the raw talent in the young man so he proposed him to form a team, and of course, Guajardo accepted. That was René's ticket to stardom, as he moved to the big time matches in a matter of weeks.