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{{bioFields| |image= |name=Engranaje Jack |realName= |nicknames=El Mejor de los Mejores,El Campeón de Campeones |nameHistory=Engry Cool |family= |maestro=RLL School |birthdate=April 17,1985 |debut=2005 |lostmaskto= height=1.79 cms/5'10" |weight=78 kg/172 lbs |obituarydate= |signatureMoves=Rompeilusiones(Fiman' s carry followed sidewalk slam),Shinning wizard,Running high knee to corner,Exploder suplex,Diving crossbody |titles=Campeonato Nacional GDT, Campeonato División Regional RLL, Campeonato en Parejas de RLL, Campeonato en Parejas GDT. GDT Tag Team Championship,RLL Tag Team Championship,RLL Regional Divide,Championship,GDT Nacional Championship