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Instead of confusing every link to this page every time a suffix is thrown onto the name (and half forgotten), let's do this

  • leave the Guapos page at Guapos, since most of the units mentioned inside refer to groups that were identified by that name.
  • if there's a new split off group that's so different to require a new name, follow what we've done before with and make a new page

I'd be equally fine if you just made a section named Guapos, Inc or Guapos VIP, but the page doesn't really need to move.

Please wait until at least after the June 29th IWRG and AAA shows to make any changes to any of the Guapos pages - we can figure out where everyone should be then, and we don't need make changes until changes are confirmed by TV tapings.

--thecubsfan 01:11, 23 June 2008 (EDT)

cool. sorry my bad, but still it was brand new news and it was on a TV taping, IWRG tv taping, so i assumed it was the truth but still i get some news faster since im in mexico and get alot of news before USA does sometimes weeks in advance. But still it wont happen again