Salvador Lutteroth Trios Tournament, 1995

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On March 24, 1995 at Arena Mexico, CMLL presented a special attraction trios tournament in honour of Salvador Lutteroth. The eight teams entered in the one night tournament were:

Los Brazos------
                |Los Brazos-----
Los Guerreros---                |
                                |Los Brazos-----
Team Atlantis---                |               |
                |Team Atlantis--                |
Los Espectros---                                |
                                                |Los Chacales
Los Chacales----                                |
                |Los Chacales---                |
La Ola Blanca---                |               |
                                |Los Chacales--- 
Los Tecnicos----                |
                |Los Tecnicos---
Los Infernales--

Note: It was the loss in the finals that began El Brazo's rudo turn which culminated in the first ever triangle hair match between brothers in Lucha Libre history.