Salvador Lutteroth Tag Tournament, 1999

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CMLL promoted this special tournament which took place on March 19, 1999, at Arena Mexico. Four teams of wrestlers from the 80's were entered and four teams of wrestlers from the 90's were entered:

80's Teams:

90's Teams:

Kahoz/Scorpio----                   |
Felino/Magica----                   |                   |
                 |Ringo/Astro-------                    |
Ringo/Astro------                                       |
                                                        |Ringo Mendoza
Olimpico/Rivera--                                       |Super Astro
                 |Signo/Navarro-----                    |
Signo/Navarro----                   |                   |
Niebla/Shocker---                   |

The booking of the tournament was pretty obvious to even the newest Lucha fan as 80's vs. 90's match-ups were kept throughout all the way to the finals. Some interesting things went on during the tournament though:
1. The crowd was heavily in favor of all the 80's teams and reacted negatively every time a 90's team would win.
2. Kahoz was barely able to walk to the ring, let alone compete. His performace got scathing reviews in the newspapers the following day.
3. Super Astro got a standing ovation after the finals. He also impressed management so much with his performance that he was brought in as a regular starting the next week.
4. The finals of the tournament marked the official start of Shocker's rudo turn. He blamed the loss on Niebla hitting him with a Tope Suicida by accident.