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Rey Cobra
Rey Cobra
Name Rey Cobra
Real name Carlos Garcia Valderrama
Nicknames "El Rey Rudo #1 de Mexicali", "La Cobra más Venosa"
Name history Cobra II,Rey Cobra (current)
Family Cobra I (Brother)
Maestro(s) Padre Gallo
Birth date, location November 7, 1979 - Mexicali, Baja California
Obituary date
Debut, location 1995-Arena Nacionalista - Mexicali Baja California
Lost mask to Príncipe Negro Jr.
Signature moves Cobra Special, Various Ilegal moves such as low blows, faking fouls, poking eyes, among others.
Titles: Costa del Pacífico Supreme Championship (x2), Baja California Welterweight Championship (x2), Costa del Pacífico Tag Team Championship (with Humilde), NWA Extreme Championship, Baja California Tag Team Championship (w/Pzayko), Baja Cross Trios Championship (w/Voltron & Drakma)


Rey Cobra is a veteran luchador from Mexicali, Baja California since 1995. Formerly known as Cobra II as part of the tag team Los Cobras along with his brother Cobra I. Manuel Hernandez "El Caudillo" suggested to announce him as Rey Cobra. He is a rudo who makes use of illegal moves to take advantage over his opponents. Although he is also known for his Extreme matches and being a brawler he is a very skilled techniquer with a variety of holds and submission moves.

Notable Matches

Date Location Match
06/28/2015 Arena Nacionalista La Prisión (Cage Match): Rey Cobra defeated Juventud 2000 Making him retire for a year. In this cage match also participated: Príncipe Negro Jr., Lady Lee, Gatubela, Renegado, Ashley Grace, and Incendio Calavera.

Luchas de Apuestas Record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? hair Rey Cobra Super Sol ?
??/??/?? hair Rey Cobra Humilde ?
??/??/?? hair Rey Cobra Caudillo II ?
04/??/?? hairs Rey Cobra & Marino La Llorona & Catman Arena Coliseo, Mexicali, B.C.
2007/08/19 mask Rey Cobra Genio Del Aire Arena Coliseo Mexicali - Mexicali, Baja California
2009/06/27 title (1) Rey Cobra Humilde Arena Nacionalista - Mexicali, Baja California
12/05/20 hair Rey Cobra Negro Azteca Arena Coliseo Mexicali - Mexicali, Baja California
15/10/25 mask (2) Rey Cobra Vaquero Jr. Arena Nacionalista - Mexicali, Baja California
2016/08/07 mask/title (3) Rey Cobra Nitrox Boy Arena Nacionalista - Mexicali, Baja California
16/10/30 mask Príncipe Negro Jr. Rey Cobra Arena Nacionalista - Mexicali, Baja California
17/03/11 hair Rey Cobra Super Sol Nueva Arena Mexicali, Baja California
2018/07/08 hair Rey Cobra Mike Castillo Parque Centenario - Mexicali, Baja California
(1) Humilde wagered the Baja California Welterweight Championship; (w) Jaula de la Muerte along with Angel Diablo, Estudiante Jr., Voltron, Arseus, Punisher and Principe Negro Jr. (3) there were also championships on the line


Received 621686188219612.jpeg
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FB IMG 1511934442266.jpg
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as NWA Extreme Champion
Received 621684438219787.jpeg
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NWA Extreme Championship match
Received 322199768242674.jpeg
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facing off Rocker
winning Super Sol's hair

FB IMG 1478199184945.jpg
losing his mask
FB IMG 1502227789465.jpg
Double Champion
as Baja California Welterweight and Costa del Pacífico Supreme Champion
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FB IMG 1491895647564.jpg
winning against Negro Azteca

Rey Cobra 2016.jpg
early as Cobra II
early years, Cobra I & II

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