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The Guerreros Tuareg (also referred to as Rebeldes del Desierto or even Rebeldes Tuareg) was a rudo group formed by remaining Pandilla Guerrera members after Sangre Azteca joined Guerreros del Atlantida, Apocalipsis changed his gimmick from El Koreano in 2005 and Ramstein drifted away from the group. The remaining members dropped its alliance with Guerreros del Atlantida and struck out on their own. The Pandilla had not had much activity as a force in previous months, and the timing of the new group appeared to coincide with CMLL's breaking with IWRG, cost some of these guys (most notable Nitro) regular bookings.

The Rebeldes dressed like the West African nomads from which they borrowed the Tuareg name, and use matching entrance music. This set it apart from the look of Pandilla Guerrera and GdA. In rare CMLL form, the group also had a female valet.

Despite the new look and new name, the Rebeldes did little of note. The most remarkable part of their existence was their lack of wins after the debuting as well as a rudo feud with similarly ranked Los Cancerberos del Infierno The members are still in the same places on the card, still facing the same opponents and having the same matches as they were before the name change. Since all the members wrestle in the segunda/tercera matches and are seemingly 40% of the rudos in that mix, they've got ongoing rivalries with all the tecnicos at that level. Despite many matches with Arena Coliseo Tag Champs Flash & Stuka Jr., they've not received a title opportunity or many meaningful matches.

CMLL had trouble remembering the name of this group, and so they've been called slightly different versions of their name of their debut. "Guerreros Tuareg" seemed to stick for a while, until Ultimo Guerrero protested in the press that it was too much like Guerreros del Atlantida for a group who didn't want to be associated with them anymore. The group backed off to the Rebeldes name, but Guerreros Tuareg appears to be the one that has stuck in everyone's head.

Nitro was pushed as the leader of the group. When Nitro suffered a severe knee injury early in 2009, and the group operated without a definitive leader in his absence. He was presented as the leader of the group once again when he returned in Fall of '09. The group had several wrestlers depart the group as well as CMLL. It was after Hooligan departed the group in 2014, that group was quietly dissolved.

Former Members

Diamante Negro had been associated with the group but never appeared to be an official member and was later dropped entirely when he was renamed. Camorra was mentioned as a member in a Box Y Lucha article in February 2009, but has not been associated with the group previously or since.

Guerreros Tuareg
Former: Dr. XLoco MaxHooligan