Pyly Rivera La Ametralladora

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Pyly Rivera La Ametralladora
Pyly Rivera La Ametralladora
Name Pyly Rivera La Ametralladora
Real name
Name history Pyly Rivera La Ametralladora
Family Emisario de la Justicia, (brother), Thormenta (sister)
Maestro(s) Rigo Cisneros, Relámpago Gomez Jr., Thanatos, Challenger
Birth date, location Oaxaca, Oaxaca
Obituary date
Debut, location October 12, 2012 - Oaxaca
Lost mask to
Height 155 cm
Weight 80 kg
Signature moves Headbutt, Dropkick, Fireman's Carry, La de a Caballo Splash, Plancha Suicida, Moonsault


Her interest for lucha libre began since she was a child with her parents who were already fans of this sport. They took her to the arenas. Began her trainig with Rigo Cisneros for six months, then with Relámpago Gómez Jr. for a year, after that she continued with Challenger for other six months, and she is still learning from Thanatos.

Her debut was on October 12, 2012 in a social event at a local party celebrated annually. Her actual presentation was in an event of a Lucha Libre exposition in the Gymnasium of El Practicante.

Began as tecnica but the same luchadores saw her potential as ruda she decided to switch to other side. She takes advantage of her weight against her rivals. She uses planchas, power moves, moonsaults, and dropkicks and it is what the crowd ask and like to see from her.

Wresltes in Arena Acuario and she is going to appear at Arena Oaxaca.