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Pequeño Black Warrior
Pequeño Black Warrior
Name Pequeño Black Warrior
Real name Humberto Sánchez
Nicknames "La Guillotina Humana"
Name history Black Boy, Mini Winners (1992 - 93), Mini Psicosis (1995 - 2007, 2019 - ), Cats (02/06), Pequeño Black Warrior (10/07 - ) Pequeño Warrior (2010 - )
Maestro(s) Panchito Villalobos, Chico Hernandez
Birth date, location November 15, 1970
Obituary date
Debut, location listed as December 1, 1995 - Mexico City when in AAA, but has said he's wrestled as early as 1986.
Lost mask to (as Mini Psicosis) Octagoncito - March 11, 2005 - Centro de Convenciones - Cd. Madero, Tamps.
(as Pequeño Black Warrior) Electrico - December 3, 2010 - Arena Mexico
Height 165 cm/5'5"
Weight 70 kgs/154 lbs
Signature moves
Titles: LLL Mini's Title, Pequeños Reyes del Aire (2009, 2012 Guadalajara version)


Long time AAA mini rudo. Overshadowed by Mini Abismo Negro during his time there, but a very good luchador on his own rights. His mask loss to Octagoncito AAA was his most important matches, but he also got a couple chances to work under another identity (Cats) as full sized tecnico.

After wrestling unmasked for a couple years, Mini Psicosis jumped to CMLL to become Pequeno Black Warrior. Warrior had a mask back on much sooner than allowed under regulations, but nothing was ever said of it. No one's publicly made the connection between Psicosis and Warrior (likely because of those regulations), but the distinctive scorpion tattoo on his right arm makes it one of the easier identifications.

Warrior's debut coincided with the CMLL debut of Mascarita Dorada, who had opposed Mini Psicosis as (Mascarita Sagrada 2000). Though Warrior seemed to struggle a little bit at first, the old rivals eventually clicked for good action in trios match. As in AAA, Mini Warrior is overshadowed by the best rudo in the division (this time, Pierrothito), but still a very good luchador on his own.

Warrior's performances led to a feud, and a mask win, over Bracito de Oro at Kid´s Day Show 2010.It was the first mask win for Mini Warrior under any name, and easily the new high point in his career. The win was also validation for his risky jump from the company he'd spent his career; of all the AAA wrestlers who made the jump to CMLL in the 07-09 exodus, no one's had a bigger win than Mini Black Warrior.

In 2014 he left CMLL. Resurfaced in AAA on spot shows under the Mini Psicosis name in 2019.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
????/??/?? hair Stukita Mini Psicosis Fut Rap - Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas
00/10/16 hair (1) Mini Psicosis Mini Kabuki Domo de la Feria - León, Guanajuato
05/03/11 mask Octagoncito AAA Mini Psicosis Centro de Convenciones - Cd. Madero, Tamps.
05/08/20 hair Octagoncito AAA Mini Psicosis Morelos
2010/04/30 mask Pequeño Black Warrior Bracito de Oro Arena Mexico
2010/12/03 mask Electrico Pequeño Black Warrior Arena Mexico
2011/09/18 mask Demus 3:16 Pequeño Black Warrior Arena Mexico
2012/11/06 hair Shockercito Pequeño Black Warrior Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
2014/06/30 hair Asturiano Pequeño Black Warrior Arena Puebla
(1) Seconds hair on the line with Tirantes vs. Bobby Lee


original look in 1997
as LLL Mini's Champion