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this is the current Pegasso; read Pegasso (disambugation) for the others using this name


Name Pegasso
Real name
Name history Hombre sin Nombre (2000), Pegasso (2000 - 2008), Pegasso Xtreme
Family Sombra Salvaje (father)
Maestro(s) Gran Apache, Sombra Salvaje, Irazu, Califa, El Perverso,Satànico, Franco Colombo
Birth date, location February 25, 1978- Puebla
Obituary date
Debut, location April 30, 1999
Lost mask to
Height 170 cm/5'7"
Weight 76 kgs/168 lbs
Signature moves running 360 onto his own feet, asai moonsault (outside the ring), springboard 450 plancha, various frankensteiner variations, Springboard twisting armdrag, Vuelo de Pegasso

Former member of AAA's Real Fuerza Aérea AAA, among those who left AAA in 2008 and wrestled in IWRG for a bit. With Rey Cometa, jumped to CMLL. They started out in opening matches in CMLL, but quickly moved up to working second and third matches, about where they were in AAA.


Pegasso .jpg
Rey cometa12.jpg
Pegaso AAA el mejor.JPG
2.22.22 with Stigma and Arkalis
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