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Paco Alonso
Paco Alonso
Name Paco Alonso
Real name Francisco Alonso Lutteroth
Family Salvador Lutteroth (grandfather),Sofía Alonso (Daughter),Salvador Lutteroth Jr. (uncle), Miss Janeth & Zuleyma (neices)
Birth date September 19, 1954- Guadalajara, Jalisco
Obituary date July 6, 2019
Wrestling Observer Hall Of Fame Member

Better know as Paco Alonso was the owner of CMLL, succeeding Salvador Lutteroth in 1978. By the early 1980s, Paco Alonso became one of the main wrestling promoters in the world, overcoming a period of stagnation, maling successful entrances and creating new figures.

He eventually changed his character. During 1970s, Francisco Flores took most of his stars to create Promociones Mora, promoting big lucha libre events in Toreo de Cuatro Caminos, but some years later they exchanged talent and had a friendly relation.

However, he never forgave Antonio Peña who in 1992 made a similar exodus in order to create AAA. They only could meet in the event of Padrisimo on July 17, 2000, because Televisa forced CMLL to participate.

His leadership style was often described as "hands-off", he relied on his booking team to the matchmaking. Known for staying out of the day-to-day leadership of the promotion. Mostly kept CMLL's business going the same as it has for 80 years, with little change.

In 2010s, Paco Alonso was delegating his responsibilities designating a team of bookers which is still solid due to what CMLL represents in tradition. His daughter Sofía Alonso will be in charge of CMLL.


standing next to Antonio Peña at the press conference to announce Padrisimo