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Miss Olympia
Miss Olympia
Name Miss Olympia
Real name
Name history Miss Olympia (debut), Olympia (CMLL)
Family El Valiente (father), Hera (sister), Valiente Jr., Astral, Pequeño Pierroth
Maestro(s) El Valiente, Skayde, Exterminador, Pequeño Pierroth
Birth date, location Mexico City
Obituary date
Debut, location May 2, 2021 - Museo del Juguete MUJAM
Lost mask to
Height 160 cm
Weight 73.5 kg
Signature moves Quebradora


Second generation luchadora técnica. She is the daughter of El Valiente. Wrestled in Mexico City/State area, Puebla, Cuernavaca, and Pachuca.

The ring name of Miss Olympia represents the connection with her biggest dream in her profession as bodybuilder. Stepping on that scenario and being recognized as one of the first female Mexicans on reaching the highest rank in bodybuilding and winning an award of that magnitude.

Her mask and gear design is a female version of the one of her father, but with modifications of her own taking inspiration on her favorite superheroine Wonder Woman. The wheats represent the symbol Olympia and the representation of the children of the reign, the good seed planted by God according to the bible. The stars represent that she wants to shine and being on the top as them, and beyond that because there is someone who stayed with her in the process and took inspiration of his gear, Astral.