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== Gallery of Title Belts ==
== Gallery of Title Belts ==
{{Gallery|name=Nwa-world-lh-1stbelt.jpg|caption=Original Belt}}
{{Gallery|name=Nwa-world-lh-1stbelt.jpg|caption=Original Belt}}
{{Gallery|name=Nwa-lh-2nd.jpg|caption=2nd Belt}}
{{Gallery|name=Nwa-world-lh-belt.JPG|caption=3rd Belt}}
{{Gallery|name=Nwa-world-lh-belt.JPG|caption=3rd Belt}}

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Current Champion

Súper Nova is the current champion. He defeated El Hijo de Rey Misterio II and Lizmark Jr. on May 19, 2013 in El Centenario Salon of Blackfoot, Idaho. The title was vacate.

History of Championship

Longer History

Connection with NWA

The NWA World Light Heavyweight Championship was created in the early 1950s. In it's first years, it was a United States title, but was given to EMLL in 1958, and has remained mostly in Mexico for it's lifespan. The NWA name and the long existence of the belt give it a lot of credibility in Mexico, but it's no different from other modern championships in it's many breaks between defenses.

The EMLL promotion broke from the NWA when it renamed itself CMLL in 1991 and declared new world championships for every division. CMLL appeared to plan on unifying the NWA championships, but the unification matches never took place. The NWA Light Heavyweight championship, with over thirty years of history as a major championship in Mexico, was continued to be treated as a major championship of another organization. Despite the NWA itself imploding and restarting multiple times, CMLL continued to act as if there was still an outside NWA governing body sanctioning this championship. CMLL referees would wear shirts with NWA logos for the title matches, as 'proof' of the championship's legitimacy.

In the late 2000, the current version of the NWA began to request CMLL return to this championship and the other related NWA titles. The NWA pointed out CMLL had not been a dues paying member of the NWA for decades. As a promotion, CMLL ignored the requests. When asked, the individual champions declared they'd only give up the belts if they lost them in the ring. The NWA became more insistent on the return of the belts when Blue Demon Jr. joined to start the NWA Mexico promotion. Demon first suggested matches between the CMLL NWA champions and his groups of wrestlers, then repeatedly demanded the belts be handed over. Since Demon was making these claims in Mexico directly, these claims got higher levels of attention.

Finally, on August 12, 2010, CMLL announced a change with the NWA group of championships. The current physical title belts were all retired, replaced by newly belts with a different design. The old belts are now part of CMLL's mobile museum, though copies of them have turned up elsewhere.

CMLL referred to the new championships as the CMLL Historic Championships and said the former NWA champions would be the first champions of the new belts. Outside not getting the physical belt back, that appeared to satisfy the NWA's complaints. However, since within weeks of that press conference, CMLL had changed course. The championships were referred to as NWA World Historic Championships, angering the NWA again.

Champions Listing

# Champion(s) Defeated Date Location
defeated Johnny Balbo in decision mach
1 Gypsy Joe (Frank Dorsetti) Johnny Balbo 1952.11.06 Des Moines, Iowa, United States
2 Frank Stojack Gypsy Joe (Frank Dorsetti) 1953.08.10 Spokane, Washington, United States
awarded after NWA strips Frank Stojack of the title
Frank Stojack continues to defend title in northwest US till 1958
3 Al Kashey - 1957.11.30 Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
4 Dory Dixon Al Kashey 1959.02.13 Arena Mexico
5[1] Ray Mendoza Dory Dixon 1959.11.29 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1[2] Felipe Ham Lee 1959.12.20 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
6[3] Gory Guerrero Ray Mendoza 1960.07.29 Arena Mexico
7 Ali Bey Gory Guerrero 1963.08.06 El Paso, Texas, United States
championship held up after title match on 1963.09.03 versus Omar Atlas[4]
championship rematch
8 Ali Bey Omar Atlas 1963.09.10 El Paso, Texas, United States
9 Gory Guerrero [2] Ali Bey 1963.09.24 El Paso, Texas, United States
championship forks when Gory Guerrero leaves EMLL in December 1966; EMLL declares championship vacant, but Guerrero continues to defend his version of the championship until 1972
tournament for vacant title
10 Ray Mendoza [2] Dory Dixon 1967.08.04 Mexico City
1[5] Dr. Wagner 1967.10.01 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
11 Angel Blanco Ray Mendoza 1968.05.19 Torreon
1[6] Ray Mendoza 1968.06.14 Arena Mexico
2[7] Rayo de Jalisco 1968.10.27 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
3[8] Rayo de Jalisco 1969.02.02 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
12 Ray Mendoza [3] Angel Blanco 1968.12.25 Mexico City
13 Coloso Colosetti Ray Mendoza ?[9] Mexico City
1 Rayo de Jalisco[10] 1970.03.20 Arena Mexico
14 Ray Mendoza [4] Coloso Colosetti 1970.04.24[11] Arena Mexico
15 El Solitario Ray Mendoza 1970.11.27 Arena Mexico
1[12] Pat Barret 1971.03.26 Arena Mexico
16 David Morgan El Solitario 1972.03.17 Arena Mexico
17 Ray Mendoza [5] David Morgan 1972.04.21 Arena Mexico
18 Alfonso Dantes Ray Mendoza 1972.06.13 Tijuana
1[13] Ray Mendoza 1972.07.28 Arena Mexico
2 El Solitario 1972.10.20 Arena Mexico
3 Anibal 1973.05.19 Pista Arena Revolucion
19 Kim Sung Ho Alfonso Dantes 1973.06.29 Arena Mexico
20 Ray Mendoza [6] Kim Sung Ho 1973.12.21 Los Angeles
championship vacated July 1974 when Ray Mendoza jumps to UWA
tournament for vacant title
21 Dr. Wagner El Halcon 1974.09.22 Arena Mexico
1[14] Gemelo Diablo I 1975.08.01 Arena Mexico
2[15] Angel Blanco Jr. 1975.09.19 Arena Mexico
22 Adorable Rubi Dr. Wagner 1976.02.27 Arena Mexico
23 Carlos Plata Adorable Rubi 1976.07.16 Arena Mexico
24 Alfonso Dantes [2] Carlos Plata 1976.10.24 Guadalajara
25 Chavo Guerrero Alfonso Dantes 1977.02.11 Los Angeles
26 Roddy Piper Chavo Guerrero 1977.04.13 California
27 Chavo Guerrero [2] Roddy Piper 1977.04.15 Los Angeles
28 Alfonso Dantes [3] Chavo Guerrero 1977.04.21 Mexico City
1 El Faraon 1977.09.30 Arena Mexico
29 El Faraon Alfonso Dantes 1978.04.07[16] Arena Mexico
1[17] Perro Aguayo 1978.05.14 Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara
30 Pak Choo El Faraon 1978.12.08 Mexico City
31 Alfonso Dantes [4] Pak Choo 1979.04.30 Mexico City
1[18] Satoru Sayama 1979.06.22 Arena Mexico
2[19] Gran Hamada 1979.12.07 Arena Mexico
32 Raul Mata Alfonso Dantes 1980.01.20 Guadalajara
33 Alfonso Dantes [5] Raul Mata 1980.02.15 Arena Mexico
1[20] Kurisu 1980.02.29 Arena Mexico
34 Tony Salazar Alfonso Dantes 1981.04.03 Arena Mexico
1[21] El Faraón 1981.08.14 Arena Coliseo
2[22] Dr. Wagner 1982.02.19 Arena Mexico
35 David Morgan [2] Tony Salazar 1982.03.12[23] Arena Mexico
36 Mascara Año 2000 David Morgan 1982.04.02 Arena Mexico
1[24] Alfonso Dantes 1982.05.28 Arena Mexico
37 El Faraon [2] Mascara Año 2000 1982.11.16 Arena Mexico
1 Mascara Año 2000 1982.12.18 Arena Xochimilco
38 Ringo Mendoza El Faraon 1983.01.15 Guadalajara
39 Satanico Ringo Mendoza 1983.07.28 Arena Mexico
1[25] Sangre Chicana 1983.09.24 Arena Puebla
40 Ringo Mendoza [2] Satanico 1983.10.23 Guadalajara
1[26] Sangre Chicana 1983.10.28 Arena Mexico
2[27] Angel Blanco Jr. 1985.02.03 Plaza de Toros el Cortijo, Mexico City
41 MS-1 Ringo Mendoza 1985.02.13 Acapulco
42 Rayo de Jalisco Jr. MS-1 1985.06.21 Arena Mexico
1[28] Bill Anderson 1986.07.20 Plaza de Toros el Cortijo, Mexico City
2[29] Cien Caras 1985.08.09 Arena Mexico
3[30] Mascara Ano 2000 1986.12.07 Arena Mexico
43 MS-1 [2] Rayo de Jalisco Jr. 1987.03.20 Arena Mexico
44 Cien Caras MS-1 1987.06.24 Arena Neza
1[31] Rayo de Jalisco 1987.08.28 Arena Mexico
2[32] Tony Salazar 1987.10.28 Arena Neza
45 Lizmark Cien Caras 1988.03.20 Arena Mexico
1 Mascara Ano 2000 1988.04.29 Arena Mexico
46 Fabuloso Blondy Lizmark 1988.06.24 Arena Mexico
1 Lizmark 1988.09.30 Arena Mexico
47 Lizmark [2] Fabuloso Blondie 1988.12.09 Arena Mexico
1[33] El Brazo 1989.03.08 Arena Coliseo
48 Satanico [2] Lizmark 1989.07.21 Arena Mexico
49 Pirata Morgan Satanico 1989.10.21 Cuernavaca
1 Brazo de Oro 1989.11.17 Arena Mexico
50 Fabuloso Blondie [2] Pirata Morgan 1989.12.08 Arena Mexico
51 Lizmark [3] Fabuloso Blondie 1990.03.21 Arena Coliseo De Acapulco
1[34] El Faraon 1990.07.04 Arena Coliseo De Acapulco
2 Fabuloso Blondie 1990.08.15 Arena Coliseo De Acapulco
3 [35]Mascara Ano 2000 1990.10.31 Arena Coliseo De Acapulco
52 Satanico [3] Lizmark 1990.11.27 Arena Isabel De Leon
1 Sangre Chicana 1991.03.17 Arena Mexico
2 Sangre Chicana 1991.03.21 Arena Coliseo De Acapulco
3 Mano Negra 1991.04.25 Arena Isabel De Cuernavaca
53 Lizmark [4] Satanico 1991.05.01 Arena Coliseo De Acapulco
1 Gran Markus Jr. 1991.05.29 Arena Coliseo De Acapulco
2 Satanico 1991.06.29 Arena Puebla
3 Pierroth Jr. 1991.07.11 Arena Isabel De Cuernavaca
4 Brazo de Oro 1991.07.17 Arena Coliseo De Acapulco
5 Pierroth Jr. 1991.07.18 Arena Isabel De Cuernavaca
6 Pirata Morgan 1991.11.06 Arena Coliseo Acapulco
7 Pirata Morgan 1991.11.23 Pista Arena Revolucion
8[36] Jerry Estrada 1991.12.15 Arena Meixco
54 Satanico [4] Lizmark 1992.04.05 Arena Mexico
1 Ultimo Dragon 1992.04.18 Tokyo
2 Lizmark 1992.07.17 Arena Mexico
55 Apolo Dantes Satanico 1992.07.25 Arena Puebla
1 Satanico 1992.08.18 Arena Isabel De Cuernavaca
2 El Hijo del Solitario 1992.08.19 Arena Naucalpan
3 El Hijo del Solitario 1992.08.30 Arena Naucalpan
4 Satanico 1992.09.16 Cuautla
5 Satanico 1992.09.20 Unknown
6[37] Jaque Mate 1992.09.22 Arena Coliseo DF
7 El Hijo del Solitario 1992.10.29 Arena Isabel De Cuernavaca
8 Titan 1993.02.12 Arena Mexico
56 Jaque Mate Apolo Dantes 1993.03.25 Arena Isabel De Cuernavaca
1 Pirata Morgan 1993.03.27 Arena Puebla
2 El Dandy 1993.05.30 Arena Mexico
3 Ringo Mendoza 1993.09.01 Arena Coliseo De Acapulco
4 Ringo Mendoza 1993.09.12 Arena Coliseo DF
5 Silver King 1994.01.29 Arena Puebla
6 Blue Demon Jr. 1994.03.10 Arena Isabel De Cuernavaca
7 El Dandy 1994.05.28 Arena Puebla
8 El Hijo del Solitario 1994.08.02 Arena Coliseo DF
9 Blue Demon Jr. 1994.09.18 Teatro Bryzan, Mexico City
10 La Fiera 1994.10.28 Arena Mexico
57 El Dandy Jacque Mate 1994.12.04 Arena Coliseo DF
1 Satanico 1995.03.16 Pista Arena Revolucion
2 El Hijo del Gladiador 1995.07.19 Deportivo Penoles, Mexico City
3 Ray González 1995.08.25 Arena Mexico
4 Mano Negra 1995.10.17 Arena Coliseo DF
5 Pirata Morgan 1995.10.25 Arena Naucalpan
6 Emilio Charles Jr. 1996.02.03 Pista Arena Revolucion
7 Silver King 1996.05.15 Pista Arena Revolucion
8 Emilio Charles Jr. 1996.08.03 Pista Arena Revolucion
58 Black Warrior El Dandy 1996.10.15 Arena Coliseo DF
1 Solar I 1996.12.21 Pista Arena Revolucion
2 Mr. Niebla 1997.02.06 Japan
3 Atlantis 1997.03.04 Arena Coliseo DF
59 Shocker Black Warrior 1997.05.04 Arena Coliseo DF
60 Black Warrior [2] Shocker 1998.03.10 Arena Coliseo DF
1 Rey Bucanero 1998.08.23 KBS Hall - Kyoto, Japan
2 Felino 1998.12.04 Arena Mexico
3[38] Shocker 1998.12.28 Arena Puebla
4 Mr. Niebla 1999.01.13 Arena Coliseo De Acapulco
5 Shocker 1999.02.07 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
6 Atlantis 1999.02.14 Arena Neza
7 Shocker 1999.03.16 Arena Coliseo DF
8 Olimpico 1999.04.21 Arena Coliseo De Acapulco
9[39] Ultimo Rebelde 1999.09.16 Arena Olimpico Laguna
10 Olimpico 1999.12.14 Arena Coliseo DF
11 Tarzan Boy 2000.02.16 Arena Coliseo De Acapulco
61 Tarzan Boy Black Warrior 2000.03.06 Arena Puebla
1 Satanico 2000.04.13 Arena Isabel De Cuernavaca
2 Shocker 2000.05.21 Arena Coliseo De Monterrey
3 Black Warrior 2000.11.20 Yokkaichi
4 Black Warrior 2001.01.02 Arena Coliseo DF
5 Satanico 2001.04.05 Cancun
6 Atlantis 2001.12.20 Arena Isabel De Cuernavaca
62 Vampiro Tarzan Boy 2003.02.09 Arena Coliseo DF
1 Shocker 2003.03.31 Arena Puebla
2 Shocker 2003.04.17 Arena Isabel De Cuernavaca
3 Rey Bucanero 2003.08.31 Arena Coliseo DF
4 Black Warrior 2004.03.05 Arena Mexico
63 Shocker [2] Vampiro 2004.05.03 Arena Puebla
1 Ultimo Guerrero 2004.05.09 Arena Coliseo DF
2 Tarzan Boy 2004.07.08 Arena Isabel De Cuernavaca
3 Tinieblas Jr. 2004.08.01 Arena Coliseo DF
4 Terrible 2004.09.07 Arena Coliseo DF
5 Ultimo Guerrero 2005.02.13 Arena Coliseo De Guadalajara
title vacant when Shocker no-shows defense to jump to AAA
decision match for vacant title between top contenders
64 Dr. Wagner Jr. Ultimo Guerrero 2005.04.17 Arena Coliseo DF
1 Mascara Ano 2000 2005.06.05 Arena Coliseo De Guadalajara
65 Atlantis Dr. Wagner Jr. 2005.07.22 Arena Mexico
1 Rey Bucanero 2005.08.14 Gimnasio Nuevo Leon
2 Rey Bucanero 2005.08.28 Arena Coliseo De Guadalajara
3 Dr. Wagner Jr. 2005.09.26 Arena Puebla
4 Dr. Wagner Jr. 2005.09.28 Auditorio Miguel Barragan de San Luis Potosi
5 Blue Panther 2006.02.01 Arena Coliseo De Acapulco
6 Perro Aguayo Jr. 2006.02.03 Arena Mexico
7 Blue Panther 2006.02.09 Arena Neza
8 Rey Bucanero 2006.07.16 Arena Coliseo DF
9 Alex Koslov 2007.05.01 Arena Coliseo DF
10 Ultimo Dragon 2007.12.09 Arena Mexico
11 Blue Panther 2008.02.04 Arena Puebla
12 Shocker 2008.06.29 Arena Coliseo
13 Alex Koslov 2008.10.07 Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara
66 Texano Jr. Atlantis 2009.04.05 Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara
1 Shocker 2009.07.24 Arena Mexico
2 Toscano 2009.11.19 Arena Isabel de Cuernavaca
3 Toscano 2009.12.01 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
championship replaced with NWA World Historic Light Heavyweight Championship
final of tournament for vacant title
67 Súper Nova El Hijo de Rey Misterio II & Lizmark Jr. 2013.05.19 El Centenario Salon - Blackfoot, Idaho
1 Dinamic Black 2013.07.11 Arena Naucalpan - Naucalpan, Mexico State
2 Eterno 2014.02.26 Arena Naucalpan - Naucalpan, Mexico State
title change
successful title defense
championship matches which were announced, but results were not found


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Gallery of Champions

Al Kashey, 3rd Champion
Dory Dixon, 4th Champion
Ray Mendoza, 5th, 10th, 12th, 14th, 17th & 20th Champion
Gory Guerrero, 6th & 9th Champion
Ali Bey, 7th & 8th Champion
Angel Blanco, 11th Champion

Coloso Colosetti, 13th Champion
El Solitario, 15th Champion
David Morgan, 16th Champion
Alfonso Dantes, 18th, 24rd, 28th, 31th & 33rd Champion
Kim Sung Ho, 19th Champion
Dr. Wagner, 21st Champion

Adorable Rubi, 22nd Champion
Carlos Plata, 23rd Champion
Chavo Guerrero, 25th & 27th Champion
El Faraon, 29th & 37th Champion
Pak Choo, 30th Champion
Raul Mata, 32nd Champion

Tony Salazar, 34th Champion
Mascara Ano 2000, 36th Champion
Ringo Mendoza, 38th & 40th Champion
MS-1, 41st & 43rd Champion
Rayo de Jalisco Jr., 42nd Champion
Lizmark, 45th, 47th, 51st & 53rd Champion

Fabuloso Blondy, 46th Champion
Fabuloso Blondy, 50th Champion
Apolo Dantes, 55th Champion
El Dandy, 57th Champion
Black Warrior, 58th & 60th Champion
Tarzan Boy, 61st Champion

Dr. Wagner Jr., 64th Champion
Atlantis, 65th Champion
Texano Jr., 66th Champion
Texano Jr., as 66th Champion with new belt
Súper Nova, 67th Champion

Gallery of Title Belts

Original Belt
3rd Belt


Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre Championships
CMLL: Mini: ShockercitoSuper Light: vacant
Welter: TitánMiddle: El Cuatrero
Light Heavy: Niebla RojaHeavy: Ultimo Guerrero
Tag: Mistico & CaristicoWomen: Marcela
Trios: Los Guerreros Laguneros (Ultimo Guerrero, Gran Guerrero & Euforia)
NWA WH: Welter: Volador Jr.Middle: CarísticoLight Heavy: Stuka Jr.
National: Light: ElectricoWelter: Soberano Jr.Light Heavy: Bárbaro Cavernario
Heavy: El TerribleWomen: La Metálica
Tag (Atlantis Jr. & Flyer) • Women's Tag
Trios: Nueva Generacion Dinamita (Sansón, Cuatrero & Forastero)
Tournaments: Leyenda de Azul: Rush
Leyenda de Plata: Volador Jr.Universal: Terrible
Pequeño Reyes del Aire: ShockercitoReyes del Aire: Titán
Gran Alternativa: Flyer & Volador Jr.
En Busca de un Ídolo: Boby ZavalaLa Copa Jr.: Soberano Jr.
Parejas Increíbles: Barbaro Cavernario & Titan
REINA: CMLL-REINA Intl Junior: Kaho KobayashiCMLL-REINA Intl: ZeuxisCMLL-REINA Tag Team: Vacant
DF: Light: AstralWelter: SenseiMiddle: Hijo del Signo
Occidente: Welter: ExplosivoMiddle: Difunto
Light Heavy: EsfingeHeavy: Star Black
Tag: Gran Kenut & León Blanco
Trios: Nueva Generacion Dinamita (Sansón, Cuatrero & Forastero)
Misc: Arena Coliseo Tag: Esfinge & Tritón
Defunct: Copa de Arena Mexico Tournament
Japan TagJapan Women's
V National Wrestling Alliance Championships (with lucha libre history) E
World Welter (Akantus), NWA-Mexico: Mexico Light (Skayde), Mexico Welter (Vaquero Fantasma)
Dragon Gym: International Junior Heavy (Último Dragón)
Defunct: Middle, Light Heavy, Americas Tag
Reference: Jr. Heavy, Heavy
CMLL established titles: Historic Welter (Volador Jr.), Historic Middle (Carístico), Historic LH (Stuka Jr.)