Mucha Lucha Xtreme Championship

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This Championship is defended under extreme rules.

Current Champion

[[File:|300px|left]] Tackle (Baja California) is the current champion

History of Championship

Darko became the inaugural champion after defeating Rey Cobra. Darko lost his title for not showing up to defend it in a cuadrangular. Though the event and the matches were not confirmed, they decided to force Darko to leave the title. Paniko became the second champion in a triangular match involving Pit Barrera & Matrix. Stelaris became the third Champion by defeating Paniko.

Champions Listing

# Champion(s) Defeated Date Location
Singles match for the first champion
1 Darko Rey Cobra 20??.??.?? Mexicali,Baja California
Darko did not show up to defend his title. Triangle Match to determine the new Champion
2 Paniko Pitt Barrera
201?.??.?? Arena Coliseo Mexicali- Mexicali,Baja California
1 Maverick
2017.03.04 Nueva Arena Mexicali - Baja California
3 Stelaris Paniko
Dragon Lyon
2017.05.27 Nueva Arena Mexicali- Mexicali,Baja California
1 Kronos
Play Boy Jr.
2017.10.14 Nueva Arena Mexicali - Baja California
2 Tackle
Pitt Barrera
2018.03.04 Nueva Arena Mexicali - Baja California
4[1] Pitt Barrera Stelaris 2018.03.04 Nueva Arena Mexicali - Baja California
5 Tackle (Baja California) Pitt Barrera
Payaso Loco
Crazy Azteca
2018.07.07 Nueva Arena Mexicali - Baja California
title change
successful title defense
championship matches which were announced, but results were not found


  1. Pitt Barrera demanded a rematch on the same night due to the controversial result. Stelaris and the Commission agreed.

Gallery of Champions

Darko, 1st Champion
Paniko, 2nd Champion
Stelaris, 3rd Champion
Pitt Barrera, 4th Champion