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{{titleHistorySpan|finals of 8 man tournament}}
{{titleHistorySpan|finals of 8 man tournament}}
{{TitleHistoryLine|6|[[Takeshi Minaminno]]|[[Small Dandy Fuji|Rasse]]|[[2006]].[[04.23]]|Sendai, [[Japan]]}}
{{TitleHistoryLine|6|[[Takeshi Minaminno]]|[[Small Dandy Fuji|Rasse]]|[[2006]].[[04.23]]|Sendai, [[Japan]]}}
{{TitleHistoryLine|7|[[Super Delfin]]|[[Takeshi Minaminno]]|[[2006]].[[05.21]]|[[Osaka]], [[Japan]]}}
{{TitleHistoryLine|7|[[Super Delfin]]|[[Takeshi Minaminno]]|[[2006]].[[05.21]]|Osaka, [[Japan]]}}
{{TitleDefenseLine|1|Kesen Numa-jiro|[[2006]].[[06.10]]|Yahaba, [[Japan]]}}
{{TitleDefenseLine|1|Kesen Numa-jiro|[[2006]].[[06.10]]|Yahaba, [[Japan]]}}
{{TitleDefenseLine|2|[[Small Dandy Fuji|Rasse]]|[[2006]].[[09.03]]|Miyagi, [[Japan]]}}
{{TitleDefenseLine|2|[[Small Dandy Fuji|Rasse]]|[[2006]].[[09.03]]|Miyagi, [[Japan]]}}

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Michinoku Pro-Wrestling Tohoku (Northeastern) Junior Heavyweight Championship

Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Championship.jpg

Current Champion

History of Championship

Championship apart of Michinoku Pro Wrestling that was brought to Mexico by Atlantis. After a few defenses, Atlantis lost it in Japan where the championship now remains back in Michinoku Pro Wrestling.

Champions Listing

# Champion(s) Defeated Date Location
finals of 16 man tournament to determine first champion
1 Dick Togo Tiger Mask IV 2002.08.25 Tokyo
1 Great Sasuke 2003.01.13 Sendai, Japan
2 Naohiro Hoshikawa 2003.03.15 Iwate, Japan
2 Atlantis Dick Togo 2003.08.26 Hokkaido, Japan
1 Black Warrior 2003.09.16 Arena Coliseo DF
four man tournament for championship match
2 Perro Aguayo Jr. 2003.11.14 Arena Mexico
3 Tarzan Boy 2004.01.16 Arena Coliseo DF
3 The Great Sasuke Atlantis 2004.03.28 Sendai, Japan
1 Minoru Fujita 2004.06.13 Yamagata, Japan
4 TAKA Michinoku The Great Sasuke 2005.02.19 Iwate, Japan
1 Kesen Numa-Jiro 2005.03.19 Yahaba, Japan
2 Dick Togo 2005.04.03 Tokyo, Japan
3 Hi69 2005.05.15 Chiba, Japan
4 Kagetora 2005.08.28 Miyagi, Japan
5 Masaaki Mochizuki 2005.09.06 Tokyo, Japan
6 Yoshitsune 2006.01.14 Yahaba, Japan
vacates on 2006.03.07 due to finger injury
decision match for vacant title.
5 Kagetora Makoto Oishi 2006.03.19 Yahaba, Japan
vacates title immediately, proposes a tournament for title
finals of 8 man tournament
6 Takeshi Minaminno Rasse 2006.04.23 Sendai, Japan
7 Super Delfin Takeshi Minaminno 2006.05.21 Osaka, Japan
1 Kesen Numa-jiro 2006.06.10 Yahaba, Japan
2 Rasse 2006.09.03 Miyagi, Japan
8 The Great Sasuke [2] Super Delfin 2006.10.08 Morioka, Japan
9 GAINA The Great Sasuke 2006.11.19 Niigata, Japan
1 Hideyoshi 2007.03.04 Tokushima, Japan
2 Shinji Nohashi 2007.03.18 Yahaba, Japan
10 Yoshitsune GAINA 2007.11.09 Yamagata, Japan
1 HAPPY-MAN 2007.12.23 Tokyo, Japan
2 Great Sasuke 2008.03.08 Yahaba, Japan
3 Rasse 2008.07.13 Aomori, Japan
4 Takeshi Minamino 2008.07.18 Yamagata, Japan
5 Shinji Nohashi 2008.07.19 Akita, Japan
6 Tigers Mask 2008.09.20 Yahaba, Japan
11 Fujita "Jr." Hayato Yoshitsune 2008.12.12 Tokyo, Japan
title change
successful title defense
championship matches which were announced, but results were not found


For a complete history, please visit *Wrestling-Titles

Gallery of Champions

Atlantis, 2nd Champion