Mexican National Trios Championship, 2003

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La Familia de Tijuana, represented in 2003 CMLL by Nicho, Halloween, and Damian 666 had been feuding with Los Infernales (Satanico, Averno, Mephisto) since the Tijuana crew won the championship from Satanico's team.

A championship rematch was promoted for 2003.06.20 in Arena Mexico, but did not occur. Nicho was also booked in Tijuana the same night, and picked that booking over Mexico City. As a result, Nicho was suspended from CMLL and Familia de Tijuana was stripped of the championship. Since they were supposed to get a title shot that night, the Infernales were offered the championship, but Satanico declined on behalf of the team, wanting to win the championship, not be awarded.

The championship laid inactive for five months months, unmentioned by the promtoion, until a title tournament was announced, to be held in Arena Mexico. It was a 8 team, 3 week tournament, with the winner of first two week blocks (2003.11.21 and 11.28) to meet on the third week (12.05)

Teams which took part:

11.21         |Felino--------
Black Warrior-               |
               11.21         |Felino--------
Ricky Marvin--               |              |
11.21         |Ricky Marvin--               |
Hooligan------                              |Volador Jr.
                              12.05         |Felino
Blue Panther--                              |Safari
11.28         |Super Crazy---               |
Super Crazy---               |              |
               11.28         |Super Crazy--- 
Infernales----               |
11.28         |Infernales----

Source: Pro Wrestling History