Mexican National Middleweight Championship Tournament (2005-2006)

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The Mexican National Middleweight Championship was forcibly vacated by the conrolling Federal Box Y Lucha Comission around 2005.08.03. The comission objected to the championship being defended in a 'hardcore' match and the champion, Psicosis II, was stripped of the the title.

At the time, there were some vague notions of taking the title from AAA and giving it to CMLL (which would've been a spiteful move). AAA was allowed to keep the title, but were prevented from filling in when the comission objected again, this time to a cibernetico for the championship which would've included Japan born Nosawa; the Mexican National Championship are supposed to be for Mexicans exclusively.

AAA was succesful in it's second attempt to fill the championship, an tournament held over many TV tapings. Particpants were told the matches had to be 100% clean, but that was not enfornced, and a few matches had finishes directly because of outside involvement.

There was an intial battle royale to determine seeding. The two men who were fighting for the championship at the time it was vacated, Histeria and Psicosis II were given byes to later rounds of the tournament.

El Angel-----------
AAA TV 2005.10.14  |El Angel-----------
Gran Apache--------                    |
                    AAA TV 2005.11.19  |Hijo del Fantasma--
Hijo del Fantasma--                    |                   |
AAA TV 2005.10.20  |Hijo del Fantasma--                    |
Hator--------------                                        |
                                        AAA TV 2005.12.17  |Zumbido---------
Audaz Jr.-------                                                           
AAA TV 2005.11.07  |Charly Manson------                    |                   |
Charly Manson------                    |                   |                   |
                    AAA TV 2005.11.25  |Zumbido------------ AAA TV 2006.01.29  |Zumbido
Oriental-----------                    |                                       |
AAA TV 2005.11.12  |Zumbido------------                                        |
Zumbido------------                     Psicosis II--------                    |
                                        AAA TV 2006.01.19  |Histeria-----------

Zumbido emerged the champion.