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{{Gallery|name=mexlight_bobbybonales.png|caption=[[Bobby Bonales]], 4th Champion}}
{{Gallery|name=mexlight_bobbybonales.png|caption=[[Bobby Bonales]], 4th Champion}}
{{Gallery|name=mexlight_adolfobonales.png|caption=[[Adolfo Bonales]], 6th Champion}}
{{Gallery|name=mexlight_adolfobonales.png|caption=[[Adolfo Bonales]], 6th Champion}}
{{Gallery|name=mexlight_joesilva.png|caption=[[Joe Silva]], 7th Champion}}
{{Gallery|name=mexlight_raulromero.jpg|caption=[[Raul Romero]], 8th Champion}}
{{Gallery|name=mexlight_raulromero.jpg|caption=[[Raul Romero]], 8th Champion}}
{{Gallery|name=957f2a9f.jpg|caption=[[Black Shadow]], 11th Champion}}
{{Gallery|name=957f2a9f.jpg|caption=[[Black Shadow]], 11th Champion}}
{{Gallery|name=Juandiazk.jpg|caption=[[Juan Diaz]], 12th & 14th Champion}}
{{Gallery|name=Juandiazk.jpg|caption=[[Juan Diaz]], 12th & 14th Champion}}
<Br clear=all>
{{Gallery|name=Mexlight_chanoc.png|caption=[[Chanoc]], 15th & 17th Champion}}
{{Gallery|name=Mexlight_chanoc.png|caption=[[Chanoc]], 15th & 17th Champion}}
<Br clear=all>
{{Gallery|name=Mexlightulises.png|caption=[[Ulises (60s)|Ulises]], 16th Champion}}
{{Gallery|name=Mexlightulises.png|caption=[[Ulises (60s)|Ulises]], 16th Champion}}
{{Gallery|name=AMunoz-NatLW.jpg|caption=[[Alberto Munoz]], 19th Champion}}
{{Gallery|name=AMunoz-NatLW.jpg|caption=[[Alberto Munoz]], 19th Champion}}
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{{Gallery|name=mexlw_rojas.jpg|caption=[[Raul Rojas]], 21st Champion}}
{{Gallery|name=mexlw_rojas.jpg|caption=[[Raul Rojas]], 21st Champion}}
{{Gallery|name=mexlw_blanca.jpg|caption=[[Estrella Blanca]], 22th & 25th Champion}}
{{Gallery|name=mexlw_blanca.jpg|caption=[[Estrella Blanca]], 22th & 25th Champion}}
<Br clear=all>
{{Gallery|name=mexlw_tauro.jpg|caption=[[Tauro]], 26th & 28th Champion}}
{{Gallery|name=mexlw_tauro.jpg|caption=[[Tauro]], 26th & 28th Champion}}
<Br clear=all>
{{Gallery|name=mexlw_dardo.jpg|caption=[[Dardo Aguilar]], 27th Champion}}
{{Gallery|name=mexlw_dardo.jpg|caption=[[Dardo Aguilar]], 27th Champion}}
{{Gallery|name=Talisman-NatChamp.JPG|caption=[[Talisman]], 33th Champion}}
{{Gallery|name=Talisman-NatChamp.JPG|caption=[[Talisman]], 33th Champion}}
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{{Gallery|name=ligerofuerza.jpg|caption=[[Fuerza Guerrera]], 37th Champion}}
{{Gallery|name=ligerofuerza.jpg|caption=[[Fuerza Guerrera]], 37th Champion}}
{{Gallery|name=Modulo-mexlight.jpg|caption=[[Modulo]], 38th Champion}}
{{Gallery|name=Modulo-mexlight.jpg|caption=[[Modulo]], 38th Champion}}
<Br clear=all>
{{Gallery|name=Pegaso1.jpg|caption=[[Pegaso I]], 39th Champion}}
{{Gallery|name=Pegaso1.jpg|caption=[[Pegaso I]], 39th Champion}}
<Br clear=all>
{{Gallery|name=Kalifanattitle.jpg|caption=[[Kalifa]], 40th Champion}}
{{Gallery|name=Kalifanattitle.jpg|caption=[[Kalifa]], 40th Champion}}
{{Gallery|name=Guerrerosamuray.jpg|caption=[[Guerrero Samurai]], 41st & 43th Champion}}
{{Gallery|name=Guerrerosamuray.jpg|caption=[[Guerrero Samurai]], 41st & 43th Champion}}
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{{Gallery|name=RickyMarvin-NatLW.jpg|caption=[[Ricky Marvin]], 47th Champion}}
{{Gallery|name=RickyMarvin-NatLW.jpg|caption=[[Ricky Marvin]], 47th Champion}}
{{Gallery|name=mexlight_locomax.jpg|caption=[[Loco Max]], 48th Champion}}
{{Gallery|name=mexlight_locomax.jpg|caption=[[Loco Max]], 48th Champion}}
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{{Gallery|name=Pierrothito_Champ.jpg|caption=[[Pierrothito]], 49th Champion}}
{{Gallery|name=Pierrothito_Champ.jpg|caption=[[Pierrothito]], 49th Champion}}

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Current Champion

Electrico, 50th Champion

Electrico defeated Pequeno Nitro in Arena Mexico on August 13, 2013 in the finals of a tournament to crown a new champion.

History of Championship

In the prior era of this championship, it was used to transition a mini (Damiancito el Guerrero, who soon became Virus) into his new role as a full sized wrestler. Virus lost the belt to Ricky Marvin, in similar bid to give more spotlight to a small wrestler. Marvin lost in turn to Loco Max, who was a local Arena Puebla wrestler at the time. If there were further plans for the championship, they were forgotten after Loco Max joined the main CMLL roster (thru the Guapos U group) in 2002. Luchas 2000's special on the history of the Mexican National Championships included an interview with Loco Max, who said he vacated this championship, but no specific date was mentioned.

As usual, CMLL brought this championship back with no notice or advance warning in 2008, announcing a lineup for a tournament to decide a new champion without previously mentioning the title would be returning. It never seemed to be officially announced as such, but the championship has clearly been repurposed as a minis championship, secondary to the CMLL World Minis Championship. All wrestlers in the tournament to decide a new champion were minis, and no normal size wrestler has challenged for it. (No minis wrestler has either, due to the lack of defenses.) It's not said why the Mexican National Minis Championship, a title which exists for this very use, is not being used by CMLL, but the assumption is they don't actually have control of the title.

The lightweight division has rarely had the prominence of the other weight divisions and is usually skipped by most promotions. Perhaps because of this championship switching over to the minis division, CMLL has brought back the CMLL World Super Lightweight Championship to fill this niche.

Champions Listing

# Champion(s) Defeated Date Location
tournament to determine initial champion
David Barragan & Dientes Hernandez match is suspended, tournament has no finish
tournament to (again) determine initial champion
1 Jack O'Brien Dientes Hernandez 1937.06.28 Old Arena Mexico [1]
1 Lobo Negro 1937.12.02 Old Arena Mexico [1]
2 Oscar Arzipe 1937.12.05 Old Arena Mexico [1]
3 Diablo Lopez 1937.12.16 Old Arena Mexico [1]
2 Dientes Hernandez Jack O'Brien 1938.04.07 Old Arena Mexico [1]
3 Jack O'Brien [2] Dientes Hernandez 1938.05.18 Mexico City
4 Bobby Bonales Jack O'Brien 1940.05.05 Old Arena Mexico [1]
1 Dientes Hernandez 1940.06.09 Old Arena Mexico [1]
5 Dientes Hernandez [2] Bobby Bonales 1940.12.22 Mexico City
1 Jack O'Brien 1942.06.21 Old Arena Mexico
6[2] Adolfo Bonales Dientes Hernandez 1942.10.09 Old Arena Mexico
7 Joe Silva Adolfo Bonales 1943.05.30 Mexico City
1 Miguel Cortez 1943.11.07 Old Arena Mexico [1]
8 Raul Romero Joe Silva 1944.04.28 Mexico City
9 Emilio Charles Sr. Raul Romero 1946.04.15[3] Mexico City
10 Joe Marin Emilio Charles[4] 1948.08.05 Torreon
11 Black Shadow Joe Marin 1950.07.20 Arena Canada Dry [5]
championship vacated in 1954 when Black Shadow could no longer make weight [6]
12 Juan Diaz Chu-Chu Garcia 1957.06.?? ? [7]
13 Mishima Ota Juan Diaz 1957.10.06 Plaza de Toros Torreon [8]
1 Barick Rivera 1957.12.29 Arena Coliseo [9]
after about eight months, commission rules Mishima Ota can not be champion because he was not born in Mexico and orders championship vacant
1 El Rebelde 1960.09.23 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [10]
14 Juan Diaz [2] Jesus Garcia 1958.05.17 Arena Coliseo DF[11]
1[12] Pokarito Ramirez 1962.05.13 Plaza de Toros El Cortijo, Mexico City
15 Chanoc Juan Diaz 1963.10.17 Arena Coliseo Acapulco [1]
1 Juan Diaz 1963.12.08 Plaza de Toros El Cortijo, Mexico City
16[13] Ulises Chanoc 1964.04.21 Arena Mexico
1[14] Dick Angelo 1964.06.21 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
2[15] Luis Gonzalez 1964.? ?
3[16] Chanoc 1964.08.28 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
4[17] Chanoc 1964.? ?
5[18] Chanoc 1964.? ?
17[19] Chanoc [2] Ulises 1964.11.01 Arena Coliseo Acapulco
18 Rodolfo Ruiz Chanoc 1965.01.13 Arena Coliseo
1[20] Tony Sugar 1965.04.04 Arena Puebla
19[21] Alberto Munoz Rodolfo Ruiz 1965.04.13 Arena Mexico
1[22] Chanoc 1965.12.26 Arena Coliseo Acapulco
championship vacated 1966.02.06 upon winning Mexican National Welterweight Championship
tournament for vacant championship
Rolando Costa & Raul Rojas draw, championship remains vacant
rematch for vacant championship
20 Rolando Costa Raul Rojas 1966.04.03 Plaza de Toros El Cortijo, Mexico City
21 Raul Rojas Rolando Costa 1966.05.01 Plaza de Toros El Cortijo, Mexico City
1[23] El Cuervo 1966.06.05 Arena Orizaba
2[24] Chanoc 1966.11.20 Acapulco, Guerrero
3[25] Muerte I 1966.11.27 Plaza de Toros el Cortijo
4[26] La Muerte II 1967.12.09 Plaza de Toros Xochimilco
22[27] Raul Guerrero Raul Rojas 1968.02.18 Plaza de Toros el Cortijo
1[28] Javier Meza 1968.04.14 Plaza de Toros El Cortijo, Mexico City
23 Estrella Blanca Raul Guerrero 1968.08.20 Arena Mexico [29]
1 Rodolfo Ruiz 1968.09.25 Acapulco, Guerrero [30]
2 Rodolfo Ruiz 1969.03.18 Arena Mexico [31]
3 Lalo Montengro 1969.06.27 Pachuca [32]
4 El Cuervo (Tamaulipas) 1969.09.07 Auditorio Municipal, Tampico, Tamaulipas [33]
24 Rodolfo Ruiz [2] Estrella Blanca 1969.09.20 Arena Coliseo
25 Estrella Blanca Rodolfo Ruiz 1971.08.11 Acapulco
1 Tauro 1972.04.21 Arena Coliseo DF
2 Tauro 1972.05.20 Pista Arena Revolucion
26 Tauro Estrella Blanca 1973.04.11 Acapulco
1[34] Barón Siniestro 1973.08.28 Arena Isabel de Cuernavaca
2[35] Dr. Misterio 1974.01.27 Arena Aficion
3 Rodolfo Ruiz 1974.10.24 Pista Arena Revolucion
27 Dardo Aguilar Tauro 1975.01.18 Pista Arena Revolucion
28 Tauro [2] Dardo Aguilar 1975.06.05 Arena Isabel De Cuernavaca
1[36] Remo 1975.08.10 Pista Arena Revolucion
2[37] Cachorro Mendoza 1975.10.08 Arena Coliseo Acapulco
3 Cachorro Mendoza 1975.12.16 Arena Coliseo DF
4[38] Cachorro Mendoza 1976.04.11 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
29 Flama Azul Tauro 1976.10.30 Pista Arena Revolucion
1 Centauro[39] 1976.??.?? ?
2 Rodolfo Ruiz 1976.??.?? ?
3 Mr. Niebla (70s) 1976.??.?? ?
4 Mario Valenzuela 1977.??.?? ?
5 Tauro 1977.??.?? Acapulco
6 Rodolfo Ruiz 1977.??.?? ?
7 Tauro 1977.??.?? ?
8 Estrella Blanca 1977.??.?? ?
30 Americo Rocca Flama Azul 1977.04.10 Monterrey
31 Flama Azul [2] Americo Rocca 1977.07.01 Acapulco
1 Rodolfo Ruiz 1977.??.?? ?
2 Tauro 1977.??.?? ?
32 Mario Valenzuela Flama Azul 1977.09.21 Acapulco
1 Flama Azul 1977.10.12 ?
2[40] El Talisman 1978.01.24 Arena Coliseo
3[41] Arturo Cruz 1978.01.29 Arena Azteca
33 El Talisman Mario Valenzuela 1978.08.30 Acapulco
1 Rodolfo Ruiz 1978.10.01 Arena Coliseo DF
2[42] Tauro 1978.10.17 Arena Ajusco, Tlalpan, Distrito Federal
34 Rodolfo Ruiz [3] El Talisman 1979.04.08 Cuernavaca
1[43] Talisman 1979.08.28 Arena Coliseo
35 Chamaco Velaguez Rodolfo Ruiz 1980.06.12 ?
1[44] Rodolfo Ruiz 1981.02.08 Pista Arena Revolución
championship vacated February 1982 when Chamaco Valaguez leaves weight division
tournament for vacant championship
36 Aristoteles Negro Casas 1982.05.02 Arena Mexico
1[45] Fuerza Guerrera 1982.06.06 Pista Arena Revolucion
1[46] Sombra Roja 1982.08.22 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
2 Fuerza Guerrera 1983.05.29 Pista Arena Revolucion
championship vacated July 1983 when Aristoteles leaves weight division
tournament for vacant championship
37 Fuerza Guerrera Aguila Venezolana 1983.11.06 Cuernavaca
championship vacated May 1984 when Fuerza Guerrera leaves weight division
decision match? for vacant championship
38 Modulo ? 1984.08.18 Pista Arena Revolucion
[47]1 El Mestizo 1984.09.23 Arena México
39 Pegaso I Modulo 1985.03.17 Pista Arena Revolucion
40 Kalifa Pegaso I 1985.07.13 Puebla
41 Guerrero Samurai Kalifa 1986.04.16 Pista Arena Revolucion
1[48] El Guerrero (Acapulco) 1986.09.16 Arena Coliseo
42 Pantera II Guerrero Samurai 1987.08.09 Pista Arena Revolucion
43 Guerrero Samurai [2] Pantera II 1988.06.02 Arena Xochimilco
Guerrero Samurai passes away on 1990.11.24
decision match for vacant championship
45 Flash I Guerrero Samurai II 1991.07.14 Guadalajara
championship vacated in 1993 for unknown reasons (leaves weight division?)
tournament for vacant championship
46[49] Damiancito el Guerrero Oriental 1998.05.07 Guadalajara
Damiancito changes identity to Virus
1 Oriental 1998.05.08 Arena Mexico
2 Oriental 1998.08.07 Arena Coliseo De Acapulco
3 Oriental 1998.08.19 Jojutla, Morelia
4 Oriental 1998.09.05 Arena Xochimilco
5 Oriental 1998.10.01 Aguascalientes
6 Oriental 1998.10.29 Gimnasio G-3, Mexico City
6 Oriental 1999.02.26 Hamamatsu - Shizuoka, Japan
7 Oriental 1999.05.30 Arena Neza
8 Ricky Marvin 2000.10.05 Aguascalientes
9 Moreno Casas 2000.10.15 Arena Lopez Mateos
47 Ricky Marvin Virus 2000.11.29 Arena Coliseo De Acapulco
1 Virus 2000.12.12 Arena Coliseo DF
2 Virus 2001.02.15 Arena Isabel De Cuernavaca
3 Virus 2001.02.28 Arena Coliseo De Acapulco
4 Virus 2001.03.16 Arena Mexico
5 Virus 2001.04.30 Guanajuato
6 Virus 2001.05.23 Arena Coliseo De Acapulco
48 Loco Max Ricky Marvin 2001.12.03 Arena Puebla
1 Volador Jr. 2002.02.04 Arena Puebla
championship vacated 2004
finals of a tournament to crown new champion
49 Pierrothito Mascarita Dorada 2008.09.23 Arena Mexico
1 Electrico 2009.09.25 Arena Mexico
2 Saturno 2010.03.09 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
3 Astral 2011.04.05 Arena Mexico
4 Bam Bam 2011.09.20 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
5 Electrico 2012.04.10 Arena Mexico
championship vacated July 2013 for unspecified reasons
finals of a tournament to crown new champion
50 Electrico Pequeno Nitro 2013.08.13 Arena Mexico
1 Espiritu Maligno 2014.08.18 Arena Puebla
2 Principe Diamante 2016.02.28 Arena México
3 Fantasy (II)[50] 2016.08.16 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
4 Pequeno Nitro 2017.12.02 Arena Coliseo
5 Virus 2019.08.05 Arena Puebla
6 Halcon Suriano Jr. 2019.12.22 Arena México
title change
successful title defense
championship matches which were announced, but results were not found


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Gallery of Champions

Bobby Bonales, 4th Champion
Adolfo Bonales, 6th Champion
Joe Silva, 7th Champion
Raul Romero, 8th Champion
Black Shadow, 11th Champion
Juan Diaz, 12th & 14th Champion

Chanoc, 15th & 17th Champion
Ulises, 16th Champion
Alberto Munoz, 19th Champion
Rolando Costa, 20th Champion
Raul Rojas, 21st Champion
Estrella Blanca, 22th & 25th Champion

Tauro, 26th & 28th Champion
Dardo Aguilar, 27th Champion
Talisman, 33th Champion
Aristoteles, 36th Champion
Fuerza Guerrera, 37th Champion
Modulo, 38th Champion

Pegaso I, 39th Champion
Kalifa, 40th Champion
Guerrero Samurai, 41st & 43th Champion
Damiancito el Guerrero, 46th Champion
Ricky Marvin, 47th Champion
Loco Max, 48th Champion

Pierrothito, 49th Champion

Gallery of Title Belts

3rd Belt


Also Listed As

Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre Championships
CMLL: Mini: ShockercitoSuper Light: vacant
Welter: TitánMiddle: El Cuatrero
Light Heavy: Niebla RojaHeavy: Ultimo Guerrero
Tag: Mistico & CaristicoWomen: Marcela
Trios: Los Guerreros Laguneros (Ultimo Guerrero, Gran Guerrero & Euforia)
NWA WH: Welter: Volador Jr.Middle: CarísticoLight Heavy: Stuka Jr.
National: Light: ElectricoWelter: Soberano Jr.Light Heavy: Bárbaro Cavernario
Heavy: El TerribleWomen: La Metálica
Tag (Atlantis Jr. & Flyer) • Women's Tag
Trios: Nueva Generacion Dinamita (Sansón, Cuatrero & Forastero)
Tournaments: Leyenda de Azul: Rush
Leyenda de Plata: Volador Jr.Universal: Terrible
Pequeño Reyes del Aire: ShockercitoReyes del Aire: Titán
Gran Alternativa: Flyer & Volador Jr.
En Busca de un Ídolo: Boby ZavalaLa Copa Jr.: Soberano Jr.
Parejas Increíbles: Barbaro Cavernario & Titan
REINA: CMLL-REINA Intl Junior: Kaho KobayashiCMLL-REINA Intl: ZeuxisCMLL-REINA Tag Team: Vacant
DF: Light: AstralWelter: SenseiMiddle: Hijo del Signo
Occidente: Welter: ExplosivoMiddle: Difunto
Light Heavy: EsfingeHeavy: Star Black
Tag: Gran Kenut & León Blanco
Trios: Nueva Generacion Dinamita (Sansón, Cuatrero & Forastero)
Misc: Arena Coliseo Tag: Esfinge & Tritón
Defunct: Copa de Arena Mexico Tournament
Japan TagJapan Women's
Mexican National Championships
Men's: Light (Electrico) • Welter (Soberano Jr.)
Light Heavy (Bárbaro Cavernario) • Heavy (El Terrible)
Trios (Nuevo Generacion Dinamitas) • Tag (Atlantis Jr. & Flyer)
Women's: Singles (La Metálica) • Women's Tag
Defunct: MiniFeatherMiddleCruiserAtomicos