Mexican National Cruiserweight Championship

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Current Champion

La Parka Jr., 13th Champion

History of Championship

This championship was created in 1983 to be the national equivalent of Junior Heavyweight championships. It's currently held by La Parka Jr., but rarely is seen or defended.

Champions Listing

# Champion(s) Defeated Date Location
tournament for initial championship
1[1] Angel Blanco El Insolito 1983.11.13 Palacio de los Deportes, Iztacalco, Distrito Federal
2 Adorable Rubi Angel Blanco 1984.10.07 Mexico City
1[2] El Fantasma 1984.12.29 Auditorio Municipal Torreon
3 Charro de Jalisco Adorable Rubi 1986.10.24 Mexico City
4 Judas Charro de Jalisco 1986.12.28 Mexico City
5 El Kriminal Judas 1987.03.30 Mexico City
6 El Macho I El Kriminal 1987.11.20 Mexico City
1[3] Destructor de Idolos 1988.12.18 Arena Mexico
7 Destructor de Idolos El Macho I 1990.03.30 Arena Altavilla
Destructor de Idolos vacates title in 1992 due to injury
tournament for vacant championship
8 Rock el Cavernicola Dinamico 1992.08.03 Pista Arena Revolucion
9 MS-1 Jr. Rock el Cavernicola 1994.12.15 Pista Arena Revolucion
1 Blue Demon Jr. 1995.01.02 Pista Arena Revolucion
10 Blue Demon Jr. MS-1 Jr. 1995.03.30 Pista Arena Revolucion
1 Rocky Santana 1995.09.16 Arena Neza
Karis La Momia replaces injured challenger Juventud Guerrera
11 Karis la Momia Blue Demon Jr. 1996.05.15 Arena Naucalpan
Karis la Momia changes name to La Parka Jr. on November 1996, vacates championship
decision match for vacant championship
12 Kendo Salsero 1999.08.07 Chihuahua
13 La Parka Jr. [2] Kendo 1999.12.08 Reynosa
1 Halcon de Oro 2003.07.08 Reynosa
championship is barely active
title vacant in December 8, 2008 by order of AAA
title change
successful title defense
championship matches which were announced, but results were not found


Gallery of Champions

Angel Blanco, 1st Champion
El Criminal, 5th champion
El Macho I, 6th Champion
Destructor de Idolos, 7th Champion
Blue Demon Jr., 10th Champion
Karis la Momia, as 11th Champion

La Parka Jr., 11th & 13th Champion

Gallery of Title Belts

1st Belt
Prototype Belt


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