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Masakre (Massacre)
Masakre (Massacre)
Name Masakre (Massacre)
Real name Aristóteles Radamés Coccó Flores
Nicknames El Rudo Petrolero (The Petrol Rudo)
Name history Masakre (debut - ), MS-2 (83 - 84), Drakula (AAA, 94 - 03/95), Yeti (AAA, 95 - 96), Coco Rosa (AAA)
Family none
Maestro(s) Lázaro García, Rafael Salamanca, Raúl Reyes
Birth date, location May 13, 1955 - Mexico City
Obituary date April 12, 2012
Debut, location May 1, 1983 - Pista Arena Revolución
Lost mask to Kiss - August 29, 1986 - Arena México
Height 6'/182 cms
Weight 220 lbs/100 kg
Signature moves Gory Special, Senton
Titles: National Tag Team Titles (w/ MS-1), CMLL World Trios Championship (w/Pierroth Jr. & Jaque Mate)


  • Little is known about Masakre's current whereabouts, but he's remembered as an excellent wrestler of the 80s. Masakre was a polite man out of the ring, but a rudo in it.

Masakre was a vital part of Los Intocables as well as Los Infernales. His career didn't start because he loved lucha libre, but because he was looking for a way to get in shape. At the beginning of his career, Masakre was also working as a fireman, but dropped that occupation as lucha grew on him.

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Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? mask Águila Solitaria MS-2 unknown
??/??/?? hair Masakre Herodes Mexico City
83/10/15 mask MS-2 Pájaro de Fuego Querétaro, Querétaro
86/08/29 mask Kiss Masakre Arena México - Mexico City
88/06/17 hair MS-1 Masakre Arena México - Mexico City
90/09/07 hair El Faraón & Ringo Mendoza MS-1 & Masakre Arena México - Mexico City
91/12/15 hair Masakre MS-1 Arena México - Mexico City
92/02/28 hair Pirata Morgan Masakre Arena México - Mexico City


red mask
Infernales: Satánico, Masakre y MS-1 punish La Fiera
as Drakula

Coco Rosa.jpg
as MS-2
as Yeti
as Yeti