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Name Luciferno
Real name Jesús Parra Ramírez
Nicknames El Terror de los Estadios
Name history Super Punk (debut - 10/1997), Último Rebelde (Promo, 10/1997 - 08/2002), Hooligan (08/2002 - 08/2014), Hombre Sin Nombre (08/2014 - 02/2015) Luciferno (02/2015 - )
Family Ephesto (brother), Último Rebelde II (son); Panterita del Ring Jr. (nephew)
Maestro(s) Asterión, Halcón Suriano
Birth date, location January 11, 1972 - Gómez Palacio, Durango
Obituary date
Debut, location December 25, 1989 - Arena Olímpico - Gómez Palacio, Durango
Lost mask to Torero - December 12, 1997 - Arena Neza (As Último Rebelde)
Height 5'9"/175 cms
Weight 209 lbs/95 kg
Signature moves Tapatía, Tirabuzón, Hooligan Crash, cannonball senton splash
Titles: Laguna Tag Team Titles (w/ El Flanagan aka Último Guerrero), National Trios Titles (w/ Mephisto & Ephesto)


Luciferno (born Jesús Parra Ramírez on January 11, 1972 in Gómez Palacio, Durango - ) trained with local maestros Asterión and Halcón Suriano, and made his debut on December 25, 1989 at the Arena Olímpico in Gómez Palacio wrestling as Super Punk.

His brother, Ephesto (formerly Safari and Panterita del Ring) is also a luchador, currently working for CMLL.

He was a training promotion partner of Último Guerrero (then wrestling as El Flanagan), whom he calls "his brother" to the point that they have many times been mistaken for brothers, even though there's no blood relation between them.

He worked the local circuit of Laguna, and in nearby states like Nuevo León and Tamaulipas, usually teaming with Flanagan. Ramírez got his big chance in Promo Azteca on October, 1997, now using the name Último Rebelde and forming a team with Flanagan called Los Hooligans. Their first notable feud was against Torero and Salsero. Torero and Salsero were supposed to take their masks on December 12, 1997 at Arena Neza in Nezahualcóyotl, Mexico State, but Guerrero quit soon before the match. Rebelde ended up losing his mask to Torero in a singles match instead.

After Promo Azteca's demise, Ramírez vanished from the major league scene until getting a spot in August 2002 for CMLL. He was repackaged as Hooligan, with a máscara design consisting of a Union Jack, the flag of the United Kingdom. The name is a reference to the football (soccer) hooligans who are notoriously rowdy before, during, and after British football matches.

He's been a fixture on the undercard carteleras since then. He often teamed with Ramstein and Sangre Azteca as La Alianza (The Alliance)", but has since moved on to join "La Pandilla Guerrera (The Gang of Warriors)", the undercard stable of Los Guerreros del Infierno.

By 2014, Hooligan became Hombre sin Nombre, a luchador without an identity. Then in 2015 he transformed into Luciferno and joined Mephisto & Ephesto in a new group called Los Hijos del Infierno.

Notable Matches

Date Location Match
1996/08/06 Arena Lopez Mateos Último Guerrero and Último Rebelde defeated Lyguila and Goku
(PROMELL + Gimmick Debut)
1997/02/28 Mexico City Pantera Del Ring beat Último Rebelde
(Mexican National Welterweight Title Tournament - Round 1)
1997/12/12 Arena Neza Torero defeated Último Rebelde in a Mask vs Mask Match
2002/07/09 Arena Coliseo Starman/Super Kendo/Sicodélico Jr. defeated Heraclys/Hooligan/Dr. X
(Hooligan Gimmick Debut)
2002/08/23 Arena Mexico Arkángel/Hooligan/Sangre Azteca defeated Solar I/Neutrón/Starman
(Arena Mexico Debut)
2002/09/16 Arena Mexico Ramstein/Sangre Azteca/Hooligan beat Starman/Neutrón/Sicodélico Jr.
(La Alianza Debut)
2002/12/15 Arena Coliseo De Monterrey Hooligan and Rubí Gardenia defeated Kato Kung Lee and Gitano Del Norte
(Monterey Debut as Hooligan)
2002/08/26 Arena Coliseo Negro Casas/Brazo De Plata/Tony Rivera defeated Máscara Año 2000/Universo 2000/Hooligan
(First Main Event)
2003/11/21 Arena Mexico Ricky Marvin/Virus/Sagrado beat Sangre Azteca/Ramstein/Hooligan
(Mexican National Trios Titles Tournament - Semi-Finals)
2004/12/17 Arena Mexico Felino/Safari/Volador Jr. defeated Dr. X/Nitro/Hooligan to retain the Mexican National Trios Titles
2005/02/08 Arena Coliseo Starman/Tigre Metálico/Hooligan defeated Jeque/Super Comando/El Koreano
(Rare Tecnico Appearence)
2005/04/08 Arena Mexico Safari/Sagrado/Misterioso II/La Máscara(winner)/Máximo defeated Sangre Azteca/Dr. X/Nitro/Hooligan/El Koreano in a Torneo Cibernetico
(CMLL vs Pandilla Guerrera)
2005/05/15 Arena Coliseo Sangre Azteca(winner)/Dr. X/Nitro/Hooligan/Loco Max beat Ricky Marvin/Zumbido/Safari/Virus/Misterioso II in a Torneo Cibernetico
(CMLL vs Pandilla Guerrera)

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
1997/12/12 mask Torero Último Rebelde Arena Neza - Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico State
1998/08/06 hair Último Rebelde Piloto Negro (Laguna) Arena Olimpico Laguna
1999/05/20 hair Último Rebelde Piloto Negro (Laguna) Arena Olimpico Laguna


Super Punk, 1990
as Super Punk
Hooligan Clash!
as Último Rebelde with Ultimo Guerrero
as Último Rebelde with Ultimo Guerrero

another shot as Último Rebelde
as Ultimo Rebelde after his mask loss
as Ultimo Rebelde, w/Mr. Guerrero, 2000
As Hombre Sin Nombre
as Super Punk
as Último Rebelde with Ultimo Guerrero