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This page is a log of removed profiles. This exists both as a service to explain why the pages were removed and to request the profiles not simply be recreated.

Deleted pages are saved and profiles can quickly be restored if the missing pieces of the profile are now present. Images may be removed, but we won't be in a hurry to do that (unless they're the type of images that wouldn't be allowed regardless)

Please keep the main guideline in mind: a wrestler must wrestle in a lucha libre match to be includes in a wrestler match. Proof of working a match in Mexico (or working elsewhere in a Mexican lucha libre style event) is a necessity. It's advised contributes include a mention of the wrestler's connection to lucha libre, or the profile may be removed.

Profiles with self portraits will almost always be deleted.

See the Rules for more details.

Comments and corrections can be added on the talk page. Only mods should edit this page.

Deletion Reasons

Foreign wrestlers/groups with no known lucha libre matches

Fake Looking Profiles