Lucha Underground Battle of the Bulls

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The Battle of the Bulls tournament was a Dario Cueto presented tournament in Season 3 of Lucha Underground. The winner of the tournament would receive a title shot at the Lucha Underground Championship. All matches were four way matches, with the first person getting a pinfall or submission advancing. All matches were no disqualification matches.

The tournament resembles AAA's Rey de Reyes traditional format, with the exception of being one fall to a finish.

Semifinals   Final
 Cage W  
 Dr. Wagner Jr.  
 Joey Ryan
 Dragón Azteca Jr.
 Marty Martinez  
 Mil Muertes   3x16
 the Mack W    Cage
     the Mack
3x15      Jeremiah Crane
 Mariposa      PJ Black
 Jeremiah Crane W  
 Dante Fox  
 PJ Black W
 Jack Evans  
 Son of Havoc