Los Rudos De La Galaxia

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Roughly translated into 'Bad guys from the galaxy', this group was formed in AAA during January 1997. The idea was to match them up against Los Cadetes Del Espacio (AAA) since both groups had similar futuristic looks. The members of Los Rudos De La Galaxia were:

The group was short-lived as Mach 1 only stayed with AAA for a couple of months and after that there was the giant Promo Azteca exodus which forced Pena to create a new Histeria & Mosco De La Merced. The new versions took over as part of Los Vipers which often confuses people into thinking Los Rudos De La Galaxia and Los Vipers are the same group. However, Los Vipers were formed in August 1997 which was at least two months after Los Rudos De La Galaxia ceased to exist.